Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rain or Shine, It's On!

I did it!  I am officially registered for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk 5K.  I even found someone cool enough to be a dork with me!  Her name is Bonnie and she just did the Las Vegas Marathon.

It's funny how I met Bonnie:  Last school year, my son was one of the Students of the Month at his school.  Like any proud mommy, I took pictures and posted them on Facebook.  The next day, I got a FB message from someone who pointed out that her son was in one of the pictures I took.

That someone was Bonnie and her son was a Student of the Month, also.   Turns out we have a mutual friend who commented on my picture and Bonnie was able to see the picture because it was on our mutual friend's wall.  At first I was worried that she was upset that her son's picture was on a social networking site (you never know if someone is in the Witness Protection Program, after all).  Thankfully, she didn't mind at all but noticed that I run.  And she runs.  Our sons are in the same grade at the same school, although they aren't in the same class.

We've been Facebook friends ever since and I even see her at school sometimes.  Even though Bonnie just finished a marathon, she is planning on doing the Jingle Bell 5K with me!  She is even going to dress up (she's adorable, by the way!).  Thanks, Bonnie!  I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

A Run in the Rain?
Rumor has it that it is supposed to rain on Saturday.  If so, this will be my first rain race.  I don't mind running in the rain (the one or two times I have had the opportunity).  Who knows?  Maybe I'll run faster than usual just to get out of it... and to get an egg nog latte to warm up.

A Week of Rest
I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to take the week off of running because of my heel.  I've also taken a week off from any sort of exercise, unfortunately.  This is due to being a bit overwhelmed with my new job.  Even though I only work part-time, learning the "ropes" at any new job is exhausting for me.  By the afternoon, I am ready for bed!

I'm also fighting off a cold.  I feel OK... just congested and tired.  I've been taking mega doses of vitamin C and trying to take it easy.  I can almost hear Mrs. June Cleaver admonishing me, "You have a cold and you're going to run 3.1 miles in the cold and the rain?  You'll catch pneumonia!"

I have heard that this is just an old wives' tale.  Supposedly there is no real evidence that getting a chill makes you catch a cold... or pneumonia.  I happen to be one of those people who don't worry about her kids getting sick just because they insist on wearing flip-flops in the winter.  We don't worry about frost-bite here, either, so what heck... flip-flop away!

Sock it to Me!
I still haven't found my beloved Feetures Lite Cushion sock.  I have come to terms with the idea that he is never coming  back.  Click here to read the whole heart-breaking ordeal.   I have tried to find a decent substitute sock but have had no success.  No other sock hugs and pampers my feet like my Feetures.  So, tomorrow I am driving myself down to Road Runner Sports to get some more pairs.

Maybe I should become a Feetures spokes-woman.  I'd be in Sock Heaven!


Michelle said...

Woot! Happy you found someone for Saturday! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Very cool story about how you met Bonnie. I could totally see that happening. I can't believe southern CA is getting rain! After living in TX for the last 4 years and seeing so much rain, I realize now that while growing up in CA, we hardly got rain! Good luck on the Jingle Bell Run. This Sunday will be my first with antlers and bells in the race packet!! Fun, fun!!

chris mcpeake said...

great blog
keep up the running

Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad you found someone, enjoy it!

Meg Runs said...

That is a neat story about just never know when and who will come into your life! Where is the Jingle Bell Run/Walk? Sounds like fun! Hope your heel is doing better and I also hope you have lots of energy for your job this week! Stay healthy and well!