Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mummy Feet and the Case of the Missing Personality

No... you didn't stumble upon Nancy Drew's personal blog.  I'm sure her blog would be much more interesting than mine.  After all, when you have a hunky boyfriend like Ned Nickerson and far-out, flippy hair, you've got to have a great blog!

On Monday I went to my podiatrist.  If I had to base my final impression solely on the office, the staff, and the doctor's personality I would warn you to run far, far away from Dr. Hutchinson and don't look back.  Fortunately, the blandness of the office, the less-than-friendly office staff, and the doctor's (lack of) personality was not all there was to my visit.

Let me get this out of the way because it just has to be told... I have had pet-rocks with way more personality than Dr. Hutchinson.  I'm not exaggerating... pet-rocks at least have facial expressions.  Sure, their expressions never change (unless you are prone to hallucinations) but they have them.  Dr. H. did not  smile the whole time I was with him.  He was as bland as white rice boiled too long in tap water.

 See?  Pet rocks have personality!

Even his two office staff assistants had no personality.  The receptionist/assistant almost broke a smile when my sweet, little five year old flashed his sparkly, baby blues her way.  Most people melt when he grins.  The receptionist was young and had gorgeous long hair.  If I had hair like that, I would smile all the time... especially when an adorable five year old boy flirted with me.

 It was as if a creature from outer space came down and sucked out all the personality from the office.  It was almost surreal. I tried to keep an open mind, though.  I was already there and I wasn't going to walk out of the office at that point.  I kept telling myself that having a winning personality is not a requirement to being a good doctor.

For all his blandness, I have to say that Dr. H. was very thorough.  He spent a lot of time asking questions, checking out my feet, watching me walk up and down the hallway, and taking notes of everything.  In all, he spent about an hour with me.  I've never had that experience with a doctor before.  After his non-smiling interview and examination, Dr. H. informed me that I have plantar fasciitis (I knew that), that I have high arches (suspected that), and explained how I roll my feet when I run (not good) .

He explained that my pain may be relieved with the use of orthotics... but not necessarily.  He wanted to tape my feet to see if the additional support would be beneficial.  If it is, there would be a good chance that orthotics would help.  And tape my feet, he did!  As I write this, both of my feet are bound with some serious tapeage.  He wants me to wear the tape for three days.  He told me to keep it on while I work and while doing my normal activities.  He also told me to... ready for this?  He told me to...


That's right!  He told me to run!  That way I would know if the tape helped during my running.   Being one to follow the doctor's orders (mmm-hmmm), I ran two miles today.  It was so nice to be back on the street.  With my feet.  My taped feet.  My stiff, mummified, aching from too much adhesive, taped feet.  And it was so much fun!  Was it pain-free?  Well, you'll have to wait for that.  I really have to get my butt to bed.

Good night, everyone!  Have an amazingly wonderful Wednesday!


Michelle said...

Oh, so excited to find out if robot doctor's tape worked or not. Sounds like the binding they used to do in China years ago. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Oh-I hate offices likes that! Who could resist a five year old!!! Hope the tape worked well and glad to hear you were able to get out on the road!!

Jen said...

Offices like that so bother me. I purposefully talk their ears off to get some sort of reaction. Can't wait to hear if it worked.

Founder of Jog for Joubert Syndrome said...

we sound like we could be foot twins!! i have high arches, suffered from PF, and ankles roll like crazy when i walk and run. i have podiatrist ordered orthotics that help with the PF, now im having big toe pain. really putting off going back to the podiatrist, afraid he will tell me not to run, but after reading your post, i think i should go too!! hope the mummified feet do well running this week....it feels so good once they take that crap off!!!

Teamarcia said...

Boo for that office!
Yay for running! Hope the tape does the trick!

Anne said...

I'm curious what he had to say about running in the Vibrams with PF. I know with achilles tendonitis (a cousin of the PF), being barefoot is a big no-no, even walking around the house. Did or will you run barefoot with the taped feet?


cute post!

So happy you got to test the waters and run. Really excited to hear how it went!

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

Wow I love when doctors are that thorough! Too bad he couldn't attempt at least a little personality. Hope the taping helps!!

H Love said...

yippee...you were able to run! Hoping this morning you wake and can walk without pain. I love your rocks...they made me smile.
Maybe Dr. H just needs a few rock friends to get him out of his shell.

Irene said...

Ick! Dr. Bland! I'm glad you were checked out and it sounds like what he suggested for you is going to work! Perhaps you can send him some rocks?

Julie said...

Hi Sara,
Bummer about the office:( Good luck with the running and the tape!

BTW: I texted you my address last night. I had issues e-mailing someone else who has g-mail. Maybe it is something with my computer. I hope that you got the text:) Happy Wednesday!!

ajh said...

Hope it works. Who cares about the bland personality if he helps! Good luck

joyRuN said...

Dealing with feet all day, dunno that I'd have much of a personality either. Their smiles probably diminished little by little with each bunion encountered, so by the time you got to them, there was nothing left.

No pic of the mummified tapeage done to your feet? I'm curious to see what this would look like.

HOORAY on the run though! Keep following the bland doctor's orders!

prashant said...

I purposefully talk their ears off to get some sort of reaction. Can't wait to hear if it worked.

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