Friday, October 30, 2009

Apology, High-Fives and Shameless Thievery

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone... I had no idea my sock had taken over my blog. My sock is a little forward. I don't know what all happens in the secret life of socks, but I think there has been quite a bit of drama going on these past few months in the sock drawer.

My Week in Running
I only ran two days this week. I decided to cut back when I started to feel that familiar pain in my right knee. My knee has been better since before the marathon but as soon as I started to feel the slightest hint of pain on Tuesday, I knew it would be wise to take a break. Instead of running, I've been trying to work strength training and Yoga into my workout routine.

This afternoon, I hit the road again and I'm happy to say, there was no knee pain. My heel felt good, also. The real test for my heel will be how it feels tomorrow.

Peer Pressure
One of the best things about getting back to my blog and my wonderful Running Blogger Friends is how you all motivate me! Honestly, I did not feel like running this afternoon... it was a busy day and I tired. As I was sitting on the couch, catching up on Running Blogs, I suddenly felt like going out for my own run. I didn't want to read about running anymore... I wanted to do it. And I'm so glad I did because it was a great afternoon for a run.

My High-Five Friday
I'm taking an idea from my Running Blogger Friend, Tall Mom on the Run. She gives out virtual high-fives to other runners and bloggers every Friday (hence the name, "High-Five Friday"). Her high-fives go out to those running weekend races, those with great giveaways, and those who inspire her. I am going to put my own spin on High-Five Friday, though... because I am not as organized as Tall Mom.

This Week's High-Fives From ME Go Out To:
  1. Tall Mom on the Run for having a great sense of humor... case in point: She is running a half marathon in a giraffe costume tomorrow. I can't wait to see the pictures of that!
  2. She Wears a Red Sox Cap because she is my hero for wearing her pink pajamas to work.
  3. Running Sane gets a high-five for being able to get three kids to school on time... even though there was no power in the house, no water, a broken windshield wiper, and a raging down-pour to contend with. How the HECK did she manage it?!
  4. High-five to Marathon Man Runs Again because he is running in the NYC Marathon on Sunday. His running and commitment benefits Autism Speaks. What a worthy cause!
  5. Irene over at Magazine Smiles gets a high-five because she can spell words like Ixtapa and Zihuantanejo. She is also a very nice person- I know this because I've met her!
High-fives to ALL you Running Blogger Friends! For those of you doing races, enjoy and be safe!

Happy Halloween to everyone!
(insert subliminal message here: Send me all your little bags of Peanut M&Ms... even if it means stealing them from your children)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have You Seen My Mate?

Hi, all you people out there in Blogland! Sara is busy watching the Office, so I have taken over her blog with an urgent message.

Single White Sock Looking for Mr. Right

I am Sara's sock. I'm not just any old sock, either. I am one half of a pair of Sara's favorite running socks. I am a Feetures Light Cushion Low-Cut. Lately, I've been terribly lonely because my mate has gone missing. My sweet Mr. Right and I have had a wonderful life together. In fact, we were the socks Sara chose to wear for her marathon. We went 26.2 miles together, making sure Sara's sweaty feet were comfortable and happy. It wasn't an easy feat (pun intended- hey, socks can be funny, too) but we did it. Together. And now, Righty is gone.

We have looked all over the house and just can't find him. Maybe the Sock Fairy took him. Maybe he ran off with that little Pink Sock that was always flirting with him... the little tramp! Perhaps he is lost in the mess of socks in the boys' drawers and can't find his way home.

His disappearance has left me heart-broken but I think I am finally ready to move on. I am looking for a new mate.

An Offer You Can't Refuse
I strategically chose today to commandeer Sara's blog page because this is her 100th post!

Yeah, yeah big deal...

I know a lot of bloggers celebrate these types of milestones by having a "Giveaway".

Well, here's the deal:

Sara doesn't know how to get cool companies to give her things that she can offer up as a prizes. She's sort of a loser that way. So, I decided I would offer up myself as the 100th Blog Giveaway. All you have to do to win me is have a mateless, lonely sock of your own (that's one entry), become a follower of my Sara's blog (that's entry number two), and send me a picture of your lonely sock (if he's good-looking, that's 20 entries... if not, it's one).

You see? It's a win-win-win situation! I get a new mate, you win a match for your mateless sock, and Sara gets upgraded to the status of being a Giveaway Blogger!

Not sure if I'm a good match for your sock? Well, here are some of the things I like best:
  • Rainy nights by the fire
  • Gritty walks on the beach
  • Warm bubble baths in the washing machine
  • Running
  • Adventure

Uh-oh- I better run now... here comes Sara. I just bet she is going to update her Facebook status for the 20th time today.

So long & good luck!
- Miss Lef T. Sock

Monday, October 26, 2009

We're Going to Surf City

Gonna Have Some Fun
It seems that lately, a lot of people have been announcing that they've signed up for the Surf City Marathon/Half Marathon. The race isn't until February and I've been signed up since May (it was my Mother's Day gift) so I haven't been giving it a whole lot of thought... until now.

Last night, I figured it would be a good idea to check the website to confirm my registration. Once that was done, I continued to peruse the site. I just have to say, the finishers' medals for the race are so cool!!

I love, love, love these medals!

Another thing I looked at on the website was the hotel listing for the area. I'm glad I did because the rooms near the starting line are selling out fast! The Hilton located right at the start is already sold out. The next best option seemed to be The Shorebreak Hotel since it is only about four blocks from the start. It's a tad expensive and they have a two-night minimum that weekend but it has great reviews so I made reservations there. My husband is coming with me so we decided to splurge and make a fun weekend out of it. We are going up on Saturday and leaving on Monday.

We only live about an hour and a half from Huntington Beach but I do NOT want to get up at three in the morning, risk hitting traffic (yes, even on a Sunday), look for a parking space, register, find a decent port-o-potty, run 13.1 miles, and go home.

Besides, I love going to the expos the day before the race. It's so fun visiting the vendors, getting samples, people watching, and checking out all the cool running gear. If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about this race.

More Running News
Today I ran about three miles after I dropped my youngest off at preschool. I decided to try a route I mapped out last night near the preschool. I was not familiar with the area, but it looked like a pretty simple loop. I was right about it being simple but I had no idea how hilly it would be. I think the entire loop was uphill! I know that's not possible but it sure felt like it. Over the past few months, my running hasn't been as consistent as I would like and the uphillness of the route really busted my butt! Not literally.

In the spirit of Halloween, here is a picture of a cemetery I ran past this morning.


I didn't see any ghosts or zombies. It was actually a pretty, green, shady place. It was getting hot by 9:00 this morning so I was a little tempted to take a nice rest under a tree. I was a little worried someone would mistake me for a dead person and try to put me six feet under. Yes, I looked that bad after all the hils.

Got Pink?
One of my favorite bloggers is tall. She is a mom. She runs. She blogs. She also has an amazing giveaway this week! Tall Mom on the Run is offering the chance to win this beautiful Brooks for Her running jacket:

Brooks created the Brooks For Her (BFH) collection to help support
the fight against breast cancer. For each BFH piece purchased from
March through December 2009, Brooks will donate 6.25%
of the suggested retail price to three organizations that research and
support those affected by breast cancer:
The Young Survival Coalition,
Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, and
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, earmarked for
breast cancer research. Your vote, between March 1,
and December 31, 2009, determines how much of the total
donation each group gets.
No purchase necessary to vote. Learn more
the three selected charities
Learn more about
how BFH works
See the
Brooks For Her collection

Check out Tall Mom's blog and see how you can enter for a chance to win!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Love Letter

Oh, Peanut M&Ms... how I hate to love you!

Back to being "Rookie"

As I mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to change my blog name again. As you may have noticed, it's almost the same as the one I started with.

I think I'll always be a rookie runner because there is so much to learn. With all the set-backs I've had in my short running experience, I still haven't done all those mysterious things like Fartleks, Splits, Hill Repeats, etc. that so many of you talk about in your blogs.

I'm OK with being a rookie after all this time. Plus the name is sort of catchy and most of my running blogger friends know me as "Rookie". So, in the long run, that's where I am- still a rookie with lots to learn and many areas in need of improvement.

I have a small part of a song by Rush on my title box. I'm going to put the rest of the lyrics here for you. Why? Well, because Rush is one of the best groups EVER! And because the lyrics are awesome and so relevant to running and life, in general.

by Rush

It's not how fast you can go
The force goes into the flow
If you pick up the beat
You can forget about the heat
More than just survival
More than just a flash
More than just a dotted line
More than just a dash

It's a test of ultimate will
The heartbreak climb uphill
Got to pick up the pace
If you want to stay in the race
More than just blind ambition
More than just simple greed
More than just a finish line
Must feed this burning need
In the long run...

From first to last
The peak is never passed
Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes
One moment's high, and glory rolls on by
Like a streak of lightning
That flashes and fades in the summer sky

Your meters may overload
You can rest at the side of the road
You can miss a stride
But nobody gets a free ride

More than high performance
More than just a spark
More than just the bottom line
Or a lucky shot in the dark
In the long run...

From first to last
The peak is never passed
Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes
One moment's high, and glory rolls on by
Like a streak of lightning
That flashes and fades in the summer sky

You can do a lot in a lifetime
If you don't burn out too fast
You can make the most of the distance
First you need endurance
First you've got to last...

From first to last
The peak is never passed
Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes
One moment's high, and glory rolls on by
Like a streak of lightning
That flashes and fades in the summer sky

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! My thoughts are with those of you doing races this morning. Good luck!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Run, Fun and Sun

I can't believe how long it's been since I've written a running blog! I've been able to keep up with a few of you via Facebook but I've been missing my running blogger friends. It's been fun catching up on some of your blogs this evening.

So, what has been up with me these past few months? I'm going to bullet-point my life just to make it less long and boring. Here's what has been going on with me since my last blog (the one titled, "Boobies"):
  • The pain in my heel turned out to be a bone spur
  • Had a cortisone shot in my heel
  • Felt better... but not totally pain-free after running
  • Our pretty kitty got eaten by a coyote
  • My dad was readmitted to the hospital one or two times (he IS doing better now)
  • School started for my second grader
  • My youngest started preschool
  • I've been debating about going back to work part-time
  • I realized how much I want to get out of California and have been looking at homes and jobs in Colorado and North Carolina (jobs for my husband, that is)
  • I've been bored
  • Got a new kitten (she's cute but a little stupid... really!)
  • Been sick ( not H1N1, thank God)
  • Have come to suspect that my oldest has mild Asperger's Syndrome (observations to confirm suspicion and testing in process)
  • Been running... in spite of lingering heel pain
  • Taken lots of naps (I love school/preschool)
  • Wondering if I should get another cortisone shot in my heel... heck, at this point they can cortisone my whole foot until I can't even feel the ground anymore! Cortisone is my friend.
So that is pretty much it! I wish I could bullet point that I won the lottery.... or even more unlikely, qualified for the Boston Marathon. But no.

What does my future hold?

Well, you never really know... but here are some plans:
  • I'm still registered for and plan to run the Surf City Half Marathon- can't wait!
  • I'm going to Vegas in November for the Professional Bull Riders' Association World Finals (this is an annual girls-only getaway & tons of fun)
  • I need a haircut
  • I'm looking for a new name for my running blog... I realized tonight that someone else has the same name for their blog
  • I will be removing the chipped, old toenail polish that has been on my toes since before my last blog post
On a Runner's note, I had a great run this morning! I ran about four miles and it was lovely. I am so fortunate to live in such a pretty area of San Diego County (but I still want to leave). It was sunny but a little cool. I found a couple new trails during my run. It was terrific!

That's all for now. I hope to be able to catch up with you all! I've missed you.

This is our new cute, inside only, kitty. Her name is Cleo.