Friday, July 31, 2009


OK, now that I have your attention:

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Ummm... OK, there are probably better ways but what woman wouldn't want the best running bra available?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Want to Ride my Bicycle

I don't believe in Peter Pan
Frankenstein or Superman
All I wanna do is...
Bicycle bicycle bicycle

Guess What? Today I rode my bike. Again. This time I rode almost 12 miles and I so needed it!

As with running, I'm finding that cycling clears my head. Running bounces the thoughts out. Riding blows them out. Sure, they always find me again but usually by the time they do, the dusty layers that distort my perspective have been filtered out.

My booty wasn't as comfy this time. I only have one pair of padded bike shorts and they were dirty from yesterday's ride. At this rate, I may need to get that cute little riding skort! Yep... along with a new bike, some bike shoes, and fingerless gloves. Heck, I might as well add a sponsor to my list of needs!

No snakes today-- dead or alive. I did see an injured crow. I hate crows but I felt bad for it. It looked like its wing was hurt. I realized there was nothing I could do for it, so I wished it well and rode on.

I passed a lot of people out walking their dogs, saw several people taking what looked like family strolls, and even saw an elderly man watering his grass who reminded me of my Grandpa. That made me smile.

I took on a big hill near the end of my ride. I used to run up this same hill. As with when I first started running, it almost conquered me. I showed it that I can also beat it on a bike. Barely. There was much breathing (OK gasping for air), a lot of effort (and I do mean a LOT), and the need to stand on the pedals in order to breeze on weave exhaustedly up it.

All in all, it was an excellent workout!

Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way
So Forget All Your Duties Oh Yeah!
Fat Bottomed Girls They'll Be Riding Today
So Look Out For Those Beauties Oh Yeah

Strange but classic Lyrics Provided by Queen ~ "Bicycle Race"

Air Conditioning on Wheels

After having another set-back with my foot last week, I decided (once again) to stay off of it for a while.

My faithful back up? Mr. Bike. Ummm... don't think too much about the whole gender thing I have going for my bike...

Every time I ride my bike, I am reminded of one of the funniest blog posts ever. The blog post to which I am referring is titled Nice Guys and Bad Boys. This post, written by Cindi (a.k.a. Alice) over at HefferBlog, compared running to bike riding. Bike riding is the "Nice Guy" and running is -you guessed it- the "Bad Boy".

I have to agree with Cindi. Bike riding (at least for me in my cautious, inexperienced manner) is the Nice Guy. When I ride my bike, I don't hurt. I do feel my muscles working but my heel doesn't bother for days after a bike ride. When I ride my bike, my knees don't feel like one wrong move will put me out of commission for a while (unless I crash, of course).

Like a girl who is dating two guys at once (by the way, I was never so lucky!), I find myself comparing the two sports and trying to figure out which one is the one for me. Fortunately, I don't have to choose one or the other. I do, however, feel like I need to be more committed to one than the other.

Here is what I like about bike riding:
  • I love feeling the nice, cool air that blows past me as I ride.
  • I love being able to go fast(er).
  • It's fun going down hills!
  • There are built-in breaks... in other words, there are times when I get to just coast.
  • I love my butt-cushioned shorts (by Canari)... believe me, these are a MUST if you ride a bike!
  • It's fun going down hills!
  • I don't worry as much about being chased down by dogs or coyotes.
  • I don't fear being yanked into a non-descript windowless, white van... as much.
  • The bike carries my water bottle, not me.
  • It's fun going down hills!
Here is what I don't really like:
  • The gears. I really think I am doing something wrong.
  • I'm afraid of the cars on the road.
  • I don't feel like I have as much control... in other words, I have to rely on a contraption that has nothing to protect me from leaving a trail of my skin on the pavement, breaking bones, or hitting my head. And all I have to balance on are 2 two-inch wide spinning circles.
  • I need both hands to ride, so if I want to take pictures I have to stop. For example, yesterday I ran over a dead snake on my bike. I didn't mean to and I'm glad I'm not the one who killed it... but if I had been running I would have taken a picture to show my Running Blogger Friends. But then, if I had been running, I would not have tread on it.

So, am I "Biker" now? Nah. Will I ever be? Mmmm... never say never, right?

I prefer to think of myself as a runner who also rides a bike. Heck, all I have to do now is start swimming and I can do a triathlon.

By the way, these are the Canari shorts I have:

I like them because they are baggy... and baggy is good. They have compression shorts underneath and gel cushions in all the right places.

They also have... ta-da!... riding skorts:
How cute is this? I love my running skirts so I've gotta to get one of these if I'm going to keep riding.

Until next time, my friends! Meanwhile, I'll be catching up on your blogs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Accidental Speed Work

Super quick post tonight...

I ran! I ran in Flagstaff, Arizona. Elevation 7,000 feet. I had planned to run two-miles on the hiking trail located on the grounds of our hotel. I ended up doing only 1.5 miles because it was getting dark.

I ran!
I ran FAST! I don't know if they have mountain lions here and it got dark much faster than I expected so I really picked up the pace as I ran along the beautiful forest trail. I found out I can run pretty quickly if I think I might be mauled to death by a forest creature.

I ran!
And my foot didn't hurt. It hurts a little now, after the run, but it's not bad. I think I was smiling for most of the run because it felt so good. I would have smiled the entire time if I had not started to "hear" mountain lions behind every tree I passed.

We are going to be pretty busy tomorrow. We're going to see the Grand Canyon. I'm hoping to get another trail run in on Wednesday... regardless of real and/or imaginary mountain lions!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Still Alive!!

Yes... you read the title correctly- I am still alive. I just have not been blogging.

  • Did I get kidnapped by space aliens? No... at least, not that I remember.
  • Did I win a billion dollars and decided to travel the world? I wish.
  • Did I break all my fingers in a freak accident involving an ice cream-maker? Hopefully never.

  • Did I become addicted to a silly game on FaceBook? Um... no comment.
  • Have I been in a funk for a few weeks? YES!

Funky Town
I know why I've been in a funk. In general, it has been a tough few weeks. In addition to not being able to run as often or as far as I like, my dad has suffered another stroke (?). The question mark is there because many of his symptoms are stroke-like... although all the tests come back as negative. He is back in a nursing home, receiving care and physical therapy. He has been depressed and I've been very worried about his health and his frame of mind.

Meanwhile, my return to running since the marathon has been slow and inconsistent due to my heel. I'm slowly getting myself back out there. My foot is still hurting me but I think it is gradually getting better.

I have found that running helps to keep me sane. That is one reason why running is so important to me. Take the ability to run away, throw in some very stressful circumstances and you end up with a slightly funky me.

Expanding My Horizons
One thing I like about me is that I can only allow myself to wallow in my self-induced pits for so long. I've been making myself get out there and get exercise and do the stuff I have always loved to do. I have started bike riding on those days that I would normally run. I don't like it as much as running, but biking has its good side. I have also been working on strengthening those areas that have caused running injuries in the past.

I'm Still Wacky
OK... maybe that is stating the obvious... but here's more proof: Today, as I was perusing through my Runner's World magazine, I found myself wanting to do another marathon! What?! I vowed to never do another one of those. Here I am, though, thinking I could do it again. I want to. And I want to do it better, faster, and without injuries! See? Nuts!

I have SO much catching up to do! I apologize for not keeping up with you, my Running Blogger Friends, as much as I have wanted to. I've missed the running blogger community! I'll be spending time catching up with what has been going on with all of you!

And now, I'm off to bed. I've got to get up early tomorrow to hit the gym. Good-night, you all!