Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly

Duck!! Here come the bullets!
Bullet points, that is...

The Good
  • I had a wonderful run this morning
  • It was very chilly out (33 degrees) when I ran
  • I got my Garmin 305 today!!
  • I start my new job as a preschool teacher tomorrow
  • I survived three hours of "Job Safety, Chemical Hazards, and Sexual Harassment" videos as part of my job orientation
  • I used an hour of that time to stretch my muscles (I had a big, carpeted room all to myself)
  • I ordered a new pair of Saucony running shoes from Online Shoes*

The Bad
  • I ate horribly today!
  • It was still dark out when I set off on my run
  • I did something funky to my hip muscle and it hurts
  • I thought I was running three miles this morning but it was really only 2.5 (but now that I have my Garmin, there should be no more mileage surprises)
The Smelly
  • One nice thing about running early in the morning are the smells. The fresh, crisp air this morning accentuated the smell the California Sage Brush, the smell of manure from the small neighborhood ranches, and the occasional scent of someone burning wood in their fireplace... ahhh, love it!
  • Have you ever accidentally cooked cat food in the microwave? I was trying to defrost the kitty's frozen meat/veggie food but set it on high. While it smells tons better than canned cat food, it's not a pleasant odor. Especially when cooked on high in the microwave. I thought I was going to see my breakfast again, and almost did three times!
*If you feel comfortable enough to buy a pair of shoes you haven't tried on, Online Shoes is awesome and they have an amazing return policy... just in case.

Advice Needed

I need your advice again, running blogger friends. I mentioned in a previous blog that I'd feel better about running trails if I had a dog to run with. Many of you agreed. The problem is, we don't have a dog and never will. Unfortunately, Guitar Hero doesn't like dogs.

My parents have two dogs who could really use the attention and outside time. My dad has been unable to take them out due to all his serious medical issues. My stepmom is overwhelmed with work and with taking care of my dad. So, basically the dogs are loved but have been confined to my parents' backyard for nearly a year.

I'm not really familiar with their dogs because they've always been outside when I've gone over. I've also shied away from them because they are pretty big and barky. They are nice dogs, though, and are very sweet with my boys.

I'd like some advice regarding how to run with a dog. For example:
  • What kind of leash is best?
  • What if it wants to chase a bunny?
  • How do you keep it from fighting with other dogs?
  • How do you maintain your pace with a dog on the end of the leash?
  • What else would I need to know?
  • What if this happens:

Yep, I made this masterpiece! I figure it's been a while since I created a piece of art for my Running Blogger Friends. I've gotten better since my recreation of the Cytomax Incident.
I think.

HBBC Points for 11/30 & 12/1:

Strength & Stretch= 4
Fruits/Veggies= 2
Running/Walking= 3

Total: 9


Teamarcia said...

I just found your blog--good luck with your new job! And I love your artwork! Sorry no advice for running with a dog--I tried it briefly with one of my Bichons but the experiment ended with an achilles problem (his) after getting up to only one mile.

Marathonman101108 said...

Hi Sara!
I'm catching up on my blog reading, so sorry I've neglected you! Doesn't the Garmin 305 rock?! Now you have the luxury of running wherever you want without pre=planning your route. A helpful charging tip: Let the battery get as discharged as possible before you charge it. I also was lucky in that my cell phone plug fit my Garmin charger, so I can charge it twice as fast. Thanks for an update, along with your fantastic artwork. I'm sure your pre-school students will appreciate your artistic ability. :-)

Michelle said...

Yay for the Garmin and the new job and the artwork!

If they aren't already trained to walk on the leash, it might be a bit difficult at first. I have two small terrier dogs who are leash trained, but they will only run short distances (although lots of times it is good motivation to run faster b/c they were walking when I think I am running). I think a large dog is probably better for long distance. I use a regular leash (since they are trained to stay to my right they don't pull). Do you run with a stroller now? I find that it isn't much different than pushing the stroller with the strap around my wrist. I use my hand rather than waiting for the leash to jerk my wrist to turn them (by pressing on the slack part of the leash directing them the way I want them to go).

It's certainly worth a try - they don't throw toys or Cheerios out the sides of the stroller! Good luck!

Sarah said...

I love your art work!!!

I am not a dog person, so I am probably not the one to give advice. But...I would probably try walking with one before a run. My parents have a big dog who is not well trained on the leash and although she pulls terribly,she has never pulled me over. :)

Lisa said...

I'm hoping to be able to run with my puppy when he is fully grown. I can't run with Bandit b/c he's too big and when he chases a bunny it is bad news. But husband does. He uses a hands free leash with 'lunge buster' - look it up online. It really works great for running with a dog.

RunningLaur said...

1. A new Garmin is very exciting!
2. Running with the dogs. I have a short leash with a strong metal buckle on it which goes around my waist and then my dog's leash is slid on it. This allows my hands free to run (or break a fall if she's really amped up) and doesn't rip off my arm. There are a few specially made belts for the job, but they all have plastic buckles, which can unclasp easily by a bigger dog. Good luck!

Jenn said...

My dog didn't like bunnies, just the highway and cars. I hurt my hamstring while running with her so I go solo now! Nice artwork!!!

RunToTheFinish said...

yeah for the garmin, it does taking the guessing out of mileage.

i am 0 help on the dogs though

Anne said...

It's easier to run with smaller dogs because you yank their chain and not the other way around. I agree with an earlier comment that if the dogs aren't used to walking/running on a leash or basic dog commands like "heel," you may have a difficult time. However, practice with them on short stretches and be prepared for a little whiplash-like arm-wretching when they stopp suddenly to do their duty. Which is another thing - you need to carry poop bags in SD unless they go way off trail.

I'd start by walking them near your parents' home for a week or so, then run and then you'll have a better idea of what to expect and they will have fallen in love with you.

Jill said...

I don't have a dog and never will so sorry for no advice on that one. Nice job stretching while viewing highly educational videos; I'm all about multitasking! Good luck on your new job, hope it goes great!!

joyRuN said...

Haha! Your masterpiece is hilarious :D

Enjoy your Garmin - it definitely changed my running.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Yay for your new Garmin and job! I would have given you my remaining $10 gift certificate from Online Shoes if i knew you were shopping there... let me know if you order anything else there k? Seriously.

LMAO at the pic. Love it!

Meg Runs said...

Yeah for the Garmin, how fun!
My bullets:
I had Saucony shoes too, love them!
Regarding dogs...I've run with our two dogs and now with just Daisy but the only thing I can say is never be too careful...dogs can be unpredictable at times and I've had a couple of injuries with my shoulder due to dog tugs!! I also flipped over my dog who decided to just stop in the middle of my path!

* Tyly * said...

BWAHAHA!! I love your art. I have a dog, but he's a chunk and couldn't run more than half a mile (sadly, much like his momma... lol).

You'll have to tell me all about the Garmin. I'm REALLY debating ordering one, and I love that you pointed out Amazon. I buy from there all the time, and you're right - it's a REALLY god deal! Better than anywhere else I've found! I also love the name... I may have to "borrow" it if I buy during the holidays.. : )

It makes me so excited to hear you say you look forward to reading my blog. Yay! I love having blog friends. : )

Thanks for all the sweet comments and support!

Staci Dombroski said...

How exciting to get the Garmin! That is on my list for my husband to get me for Christmas. Good luck on your new job!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh your paint skills...I have missed them so :)

Fun times in Garmin test land..

So I know No a thing about Dogs, I would ask Dog questions to Aron, she has it down with her doggies.

Sorry took me so long to get here...this week has been a ZOO. Congrats on the new job, although I am very surprised you passed on the M&M Tasting gig..

Tricia said...

Hows the Garmin working out?