Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Ramblings

February 5th
Assignment: 35 minute run
Actual: 4 miles (about 60 minutes)

Random Thoughts Filling my Attention-Deficit-Disordered Brain
  • Do you think it's possible for me to get to at least a 13 minute mile before the Rock & Roll Marathon on May 31?
  • At my current rate, I worry I'll be dragging myself across the finish line long after the officials, spectators, and other runners have cleared out and gone home.
  • Seven-mile run coming up on Saturday... it's supposed to rain. What do people wear to run in the rain?
  • My hands got sooooo cold running in the morning this week.
  • How is it possible to be cold and still sweat at the same time?
  • It's so strange to be cooling down and warming up at the same time. My body didn't know what to do with itself this morning!
  • Why was Michael Phelps so stupid as to toke it up... especially when he knows he's a public figure who will likely be photographed while doing it?
  • I need to find a good running bra. I'm small-framed but biggish in the boobies... any suggestions?
  • I get to sleep in a little tomorrow!
  • My husband wants to start running. This is great, but he doesn't think he needs to invest in good running shoes.
  • I'm hungry.
  • My favorite running songs this week: Red, Red Wine; Come On Eileen; I Run for Life
  • I almost started crying today as I was running and listening to "I Run for Life". Wow! I've never really listened to that song before... I heard it but didn't listen to it. Great song!
  • My butt is a little sore.
  • I love Chocolate Chip Cliff bars. I could eat them like candy!
  • My hands smell like garlic. I love that... that means I actually cooked!
  • I love the running community! Where else can you find such a great bunch of total strangers, offering encouragement and advice?!
  • I just found out there might be lightning on Saturday. What do people wear in an electrical storm while running? Hopefully nothing! I mean, hopefully we won't run in an electrical storm...
  • It's past my bedtime. Good-night!


Run Mommy said...

Fun notes! I have to try and remember that your blog has songs because when it comes on - it makes me jump in the air! :) Fun.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I love your ramblings.

I've often wondered the same thing about having cold fingers but sweating.

And your husband is wrong - he needs a decent pair of running shoes. But he'll probably figure this out on his own. Give him time. :-)

MCM Mama said...

Do you do any speed work? Try throwing some fast segments into your shorter runs and I think you'll find you'll start being able to run a bit faster on your longer runs.

Great song list!

Denise said...

Cute post!!

Have you tried running with hand warmers. I am always freezing (have even posted pics of my Raynauds on my blog) and hand warmers seem to help. They aren't even that much of a pain to carry.