Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunshine and Three Things Thursday

I received a Sunshine Blog Award from Irene over at Magazine Smiles. Now, I get to pass it on to someone else! If you get tagged, here are the rules:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post (right click and save). Pass the award onto 12 bloggers, then link the nominees within your post. Finally, let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

So, here we go... I tag:
  1. Laura at My Reason to Run: Check out Laura's blog... you will see why she runs and understand the reason why I admire this mom's strength and drive!
  2. Jen at Setting You Free:  I love how real and down-to-earth Jen is!  She has made incredible changes in her lifestyle and lost lots of weight.  She is a runner and an inspiration!  Take a look... I'm sure you'll agree. 
  3. Jaime at Jaime learns to Run:  Do you ever feel like you would hit it off when someone... even though you've never met?  Well, I think Jaime would be one of those people!  I appreciate her openness on her blog.   
  4. April at Mommy's Fit for the King:  I just like her!  Her smile reminds me of sunshine.  She also scored a Running Skirt for $11 on eBay... obviously, she is smart, too. :)
And now, I'm breaking the rules and I'm stopping at four bloggers instead of 12.  Why?  Because I'm rebellious like that.   I mean, are the Sunshine Award cops going to come knock on my door and arrest me for only tagging four people?  I don't think so.

I do NOT fear the Sunshine Cops.

Three Things Thursday
  • I have an appointment to see a podiatrist on Monday.   I chose my doctor based on three things... 1) He is a former endurance runner; 2) He had an opening relatively soon; and 3) He is under my insurance plan.  I like that he will be able to relate to the runner's need to run.  I don't like that he used to be a runner.  Why did he stop?  Does he still run short distances?  Or did he give up on running due to injuries and now he considers it his calling to stop people from running?  I'll let you know how it goes.
  • I spent the afternoon helping my 2nd grade son put together a family tree for a class project.  It's the first time I've ever had to explain divorce to my kids (my parents are divorced and my kids don't know my real mom).   It was sort of bittersweet explaining the concept of divorce to my boys.  Sweet in that they are so innocent when it comes to the realities of the world.  Bitter in that I had to break some of that innocence by explaining the realities of the world.
  • I'm thinking about getting another tattoo... yes, I already have one of a hummingbird and some flowers between my shoulder blades.  Now, I think I want one on my foot.  I want this one to symbolize my life and my running.  I'm thinking a pretty compass would be nice.  It would symbolize having direction and a purpose (from God), that I'll never get lost in this life because of His guidance, and of all possibilities one can find in life.    As an added bonus, having a compass would mean I would never get lost on my runs again!  
 Do you have any tattoos?  If so, what are they?  What do they mean to you?

*The meaning of my current tattoo:  Hummingbirds are small and beautiful but very brave and very tough.  They will take on much bigger birds in order to protect themselves and their babies.  The flowers on my back are done in the colors of my boys' birthstones.  There is a third flower... a bud.  That was put there to balance out the tattoo and I left the color up to the artist.  I consider it my flower for the third child I wish I could have had.

And with that, I'm signing off!  Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm going to spend the weekend at a scrapbooking getaway (a.k.a. time with the girls having fun... and maybe getting some scrapbooking done in the process).  I will try to get caught up on the blogs I haven't read in a while, too!


Jen said...

Sunshine = *blush!

I so want a tattoo: I want a sunflower (my favorite flower - it looks up to heaven all day and then bows down at night... like praying, plus it is beautiful) with one leaf on each side. In stead of the leaf, I would rather my children's names written in the form of the leaf. They both have 5 letters and one starts with a K and one ends with a K.

I am do not know where i want it... so I haven't gotten it.

I also want: "God is love" on my inside wrist in Hebrew or Greek

Anonymous said...

It was your lucky day girl!
I had given you the same award.
Check you out - double sunshine!

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

Oh I love the tattoo idea! I have 2- a symbol for hope and some stars. I've always wanted one on my foot but couldn't never decide what

Julie said...

Hi Sara,
I do not have a tattoo and would be to chicken to get one! I am a wimp and have always been afraid of the pain:) It look me so long to go in just to get my ears pierced! They do have so many cute options for tatoos:) I hope that you have a great weekend Sara!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

such a good idea to pick a foot doctor (or any doctor) who has a history of endurance running!! he will get you back out on the road for sure!
i have 2 tattoos. i have a blue band of waves around my big toe on my left foot and a butterfly below my tan line on my stomach (yeah, its gonna look awesome all stretched out one day). the wave because i live by the ocean and i love the ocean (just not swimming in it). the butterfly because as long as i live i will never be able to escape the name "Bethany Butterfly." i fell and hurt myself during kiddie track when i was 4, when i had to go get bandaged up at the med tent they asked me my name and i said Bethany...Bethany Butterfly Bertrand. and it stuck. and i do love butterflies, i have butterfly everything.
i like feet tattoos. a girl i went to college with got one i really liked and would totally get but i can't copy her. on the outer part of her foot in a pretty font it says, "i will run and not grow weary." she is not a runner but rather very religious but for me as a runner it has more than a few meanings.
my next and ABSOLUTELY LAST tattoo will MAYBE be the m-dot symbol when i do an ironman, but i dunno. i said i was going to celebrate my 10th marathon with a marathon tat but never did. now going on number 16 and no plans of getting one.

Jaime said...

thanks for the award! and for making me sound totally awesome!

i love your tattoo idea! love it!!!! i have 7 tattoos (i had to think for a minute and count them) and am aching for a new one. i want my new one to be a lotus flower held in a hand,,, the lotus flowers grow from the bottom of the pond and bloom into something beautiful which just reminds me so much of my life. plenty of dark and dreary times but i am a beautiful child of God.. and the hand is the hand of God, the One who carries me through it all.
now, the compass is on my radar. love it!

Lisa said...

i have a hummingbird tattoo too!! on my left back shoulder - it shows when i go sleeveless. :-)

hummingbirds are small but powerful. that's why i got one...

Michelle said...

Good luck on Monday!

Irene said...

LOL... "Sunshine cops." I almost didn't select 12, either, since a lot of the people I would have selected were already given some "sunshine."

I'm glad you got your appointment so quickly! I also would wonder what "used to be a runner" means.

I had planned on getting a tattoo when I turned 50, but the year before that I had my surgery, and a nice long scar on the side of my right thigh, about where I was thinking about getting a tat. I may still get one, but it will be something small and also on my foot. :)

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Laurel said...

I like the compass idea. It would be cool if you could get one that actually worked! Multifunctional! :)

April said...

I am honored that you choose me to share your sunshine with!!

I ♥ tattoos and have two. The first one I got is the japanese symbol for eternity and I got it when I first accepted the Lord about 11 yrs ago. The second one my husband and I got matching wedding bands tattoos for our 5th anniversary. He can't wear a ring at his job and I can't wear one when I do massages. I have been wanting to get another one to incorporate my boys somehow...
I love your idea of the Compass! Where would you have it put?

Can't wait to hear how your podiatrist appt goes...

X-Country2 said...

I'd love to get something small and tasteful when the twins come.

Molly said...

so funny that you mention tatoos, I am seriously considering getting one! I almost got one 10 years ago, I would get a celtic cross, my brother has one. I think I'm going to wait until I run my marathon.

prashant said...

I also want: "God is love" on my inside wrist in Hebrew or Greek

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