Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rockin' the Pigeon Pose

My New Gym

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to check out a new gym. For $10 per month and no commitment, I wasn't sure what to expect.

I was impressed! The gym is large, clean, filled with new equipment, and not filled with big egos. The staff is friendly and didn't try to pressure me into upgrading my membership to one of the more costly options. There are plenty of free weights, weight machines, and lots of cardio machines!

At my old gym, there were too many grunting, sweaty, guys with egos larger than their overworked biceps.  The staff & trainers wouldn't give you the time of day unless you had an appointment... or if they were trying to get me to recruit my friends and family.  There were times when I'd notice at least three or four broken machines.  While the group instructors at my old gym were great, the rest of the gym wasn't worth the money they took out of my account each month.

I had a great workout last night and can't wait to go back tomorrow!  I'm happy that I signed up... especially since I made the decision to not run for another week or so.   I want to give my heel another rest.  In the meantime, I plan to get used to walking barefoot, learn the Chi method, strengthen my weak spots, and cross train.  My goal is to start fresh with new & improved running form (Chi), prepare myself to run either barefoot or with minimal footwear (as long as it helps), and to hopefully lose as little conditioning as possible while I wait to run.

My Awesome Yoga Moves

At the end of my workout, I did my usual set of stretches.  My favorite of all the stretches is the pigeon pose.  If you aren't familiar with this delightful Yoga pose, please refer to the hand-drawn figure below:

This is an artist rendering of me, doing the half-pigeon pose.  It is a great stretch for runners because it opens the hips and helps prevent IT Band injuries.*

I was in my own little iPod World when I was doing my stretches and didn't notice that one of the trainers was watching me.  As I was leaving, he said good-bye (something my old gym never did) and told me he liked my pigeon-pose. I was both flattered and a little bashful.

In my usual verbal-communicationally-challenged way, I stuttered and mumbled something like, "Oh. Well. Uh.  I'm a runner."

Yes, I'm just that smooth when a young, good-looking man compliments me on my pigeon-pose.  Good thing I'm married and planning on staying that way, or I'd be destined for Old-Maidhood!

This is how cool my new gym is:  The trainer didn't look at me in that bewildered way I'm so used to... he got it!  He said, "Yes.  That is a great stretch for runners!  Really opens up the hips."   Ahhhh... awkward moment deflected.

As I fled the gym, kicking myself for saying such stupid things,  I knew I made a good decision.  I think I'm really going to like working out there... at least one of the trainers seems to understand what runners need.  I like that.

*If, for some strange reason, my artistic talent doesn't give you enough information about this great stretch, Google it!  It's well worth it!

Another Surf City Update
Thanks to blogger friend, Glenn, at The Running Fat Guy, I learned that I cannot pick up my race packet the day of the race.  Now our plans are to stay at a hotel about 10 miles from the start (about $400 less expensive than our original start-line hotel plan).  Fortunately, the new hotel includes a shuttle service for two to the starting line.  So, we will head up on Saturday, go to the Expo, pick up my race packet, stay overnight, and go home on Sunday.

I am really looking forward to the Surf City Half Marathon!!  Wheee!

Happy Friday, everyone!!  The weekend is here!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

HEHEHEHE, Opens the hips...

The weekend is NOT HERE! I have a full day tomorrow and I am up way past my bedtime..

Pigeon Pose...From the drawing I thought you were laying on the mat.. That is my favorite stretch too...laying on the matt, not Yoga.

Have a great weekend and SUPER score on the new gym..

Michelle said...

Glad you liked the gym!

I saw Vibrams in Mother Earth News this month (they were endorsing cool green products) & thought of you!

* Tyly * said...

I'm so glad you found a gym you love! Overinflated egos and pushy people are the worst while trying to work out. Glad that isn't the case.

I love when you do the drawings!! They always crack me up. :)

MCM Mama said...

Yay for a cool gym! We have an excellent county gym - if I'd just get over there and use it.

Glad you found an inexpensive hotel option!

Anne said...

Your new gym sounds like a keeper. I need to do more, and better, stretching and had forgotten about the pidgeon pose. Thanks for the reminder!

Glenn Jones said...

I thnk you need to publish an illustrated book of yoga poses for us newbies and beginners.....

Glad I was able to help on the Surf City thing. It would have been a shame to drive that distance that early in the morning!

Julie said...

The gym sounds great and the flattery even better:)Just think you will be buds with these trainers in no time:)

Have a great weekend!!

Irene said...

That's a good deal for the gym!

I love your artist's rendition, by the way! :)

RunToTheFinish said...

yeah for cheap gyms and one's that are great too boot!!

love me some pigeon pose

Kelly said...

Glad the gym was great!
I love pigeon pose, definitely my favorite

Bob D said...

That gym comes at a great price, grab it!