Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Unofficially Official!

 San Diego Rocks!

I have great news!

The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll is offering the 
Half Marathon option!!   
I am registered to run it!  

That's right, before it has even been "officially" announced, the Competitor Group showed up at our first running group meeting and gave us all the chance to sign up.  They were even offering a free T-shirt for signing up.  I love free T-shirts.  How could I resist?  After all, I've been hoping for the Half option ever since I crossed the Full marathon finish line last May.

Now on to other things...

Pigeon Pose Guy, Part II
In my last post, I mentioned the trainer at my new gym who said he likes my Pigeon Pose.  It gets even better... I ran into him again at the gym on Friday and he noticed my Chi Running book.  Mr. Pigeon Pose gave me a double "thumbs up" and performed the happy dance when he saw my book.  He's a very animated person, I'm discovering.

We started talking about Chi Running and I mentioned the injuries I have had to deal with since I started running a year ago.  Mr. PP  showed me some strengthening exercises to do in order to prevent a recurrence of the injuries.  He also suggested I try running barefoot.  That's right, barefoot!  I was so excited because most people look at me like I'm crazy when I mention that I'm going to give barefoot running a try.

I told PP my intentions of running barefoot and mentioned my recent Vibram Five Fingers purchase.  Assuming he would be right on board with those, too, I was a little taken aback when he said in a more subdued tone, "Oh.  I've never tried those."

He then proceeded to explain why... apparently, Mr. Pigeon Pose has nine toes!

**I have to stop for a moment and tell you all how proud I am of myself that I didn't say something stupid.  Like what I was thinking... Which was: "They ought to make Vibram Five/Four Fingers."**

Instead, I said, "Oh.  Yeah, that would be sort of hard."

He laughed and said they ought to sponsor him, that way they could make a pair of custom Vibram shoes for him.  I agree!

Vibram Inc., do you hear that?   I'm sure you read my blog faithfully, so I am making a request on behalf of my trainer friend, Mr. Pigeon Pose.  Please, please sponsor him and make a pair with just nine toes!

* It may seem as if I have a crush on Mr. PP... I don't.  Really!  I'm just so happy to find a gym where the trainers actually train you.  And even better, having trainers who understand runners!!  The trainers there are attentive to all their members.  How cool is that?!

West Coast Road Runners
Today was orientation day for my running group.  I could not believe how many people were there to sign up to train!  There were way more people than last year.  I don't think the WCRR organizers were expecting such a large crowd... they ran out of goodie-bags!

I am still taking time off of running so I didn't do the 3-mile pace run with the group.  I don't need to run to know my pace.  I know my pace is SLOW.   I plan to continue with my cross-training for the next week and hopefully be ready to run with the group next Saturday. 

A Year? Already?!
I realized this morning that it has been almost a year since I started this blog.  It has been a little more than a year since I decided that I would like to go from being a non-runner to a marathon runner.  I have learned so much during this one year!  I have "met" so many awesome running bloggers during this time!

I will blog more about what I've learned- and what you all have taught me- sometime in the next few days.  I'm also working on celebrating my Blog Birthday by hosting my very first real* giveaway!   I'm hoping to offer you a chance to win one of my favorite finds since I started this running journey.  Details coming soon!

*I'll consider this my first giveaway since there were no takers for my used, single Feetures Sock.  Poor, poor unwanted sock.


Lisa said...

hmmmm. wonder if i can talk Hubby into that half...

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

LOL Vibram 4 fingers!

Congrats on entering the half! I was REALLY thinking about the full, but I'm not sure flying to the West coast is in the cards for us this spring!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on entering the race!! How exciting!!

* Tyly * said...

I'm so glad they offer the half!!! Congratulations on registering and receiving a free shirt! :)

I'm also really happy that the new gym is working out so well for you.

Anonymous said...

I may have to fly back to my home state and run the 1/2 in San Diego. I ran my first and only marathon at the San Diego Rock n Roll in 2001, so it would be fun to run the 1/2 there. They have yet to post it on the website. I will continue checking, but if you happen to notice that it has been officially open, please let me know! Thanks!!

Anne said...

I see for a new year of blogging you now have a new look. From being in the pink to blue...hmmmm. Very cool that you and Mr. "Pidgeon Pose" have a lot in common, despite his unusual feet. Reminds me of that popular way of saying someone was born healthy by having "10 fingers and 10 toes." What must his parents have thought?!

MCM Mama said...

Ooh, hope the race goes well and they have it another year so I can come out and run it one day.

shellyrm said...

Congrats on the half! I know you will do great! As an East coastie I will miss out on that one unless my son gets sent out there and then I could get to see CA and get in some West coast races!

Bob D said...

Awesome, having a big event on the calendar really focuses your attention! The minimalist shoe movement has some science behind it:

I'll be interested to hear your experience.

Rock on to SD!

RunToTheFinish said...

so you are off to SD again huh? I picked out a different race but I'm not announcing it just yet

It's fun to have a goal! Ohh don't forget to update your HBBC points

Laurel said...

Congrats on the half and also your one year (almost) anniversary. I love San Diego!

Molly said...

That's awesome you get to do San Diego!

A friend of mine does barefoot running after being injured, she loves her vibrams....I'm playing with my running form too, I ran barefoot the other day during Wii, and now I get the whole "forefoot" striking thing.

Glenn Jones said...

Doesn't that barefoot running serve to get you up off your heels? I beleive that's also one of the tenets behind Chi running - off our heels and become more of a midfoot striker. It will also serve to shorten your stride and make you faster!

Julie said...

I would love to run in the San Diego half! I am sure your readers can expect daily updates on conversations with Mr. Pidgeon Pose:) I told you that you would end up be buds with Mr. trainer dude:) Have a great day Sara!!

Jill said...

Yea for the half! That sounds like a blast! I ran the RnR in SD many eons ago, it was really fun (well, I'm not going to call it FUN cuz I got really sick from dehydration, but it was a very pretty race). Thanks for your cat's comment on my post. haha.

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like a great race. Good luck!

Michelle said...

I love the Mr Pigeon Pose name. So cute!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on getting in the 1/2! Too funny about pigeon pose guy!

Irene said...

Mr Pigeon Pose! That's great!

Wouldn't that be something if Vibram listened and custom made a pair?

Meg said...

I love your blue blog and CHI RUNNING is so cool! It definitely helped me get faster and now I take it to every race and read some of my favorite parts right before I run...sometimes they have free classes at running expos, you should try one, the author is great and it helps to try out the strides! I LOVE THAT BOOK, two thumbs up like the gym guy!
Yeah for the half marathon too, that's so exciting. Do you think it will fill up quickly?

Anonymous said...

It's now official!! I thought for sure I would have decided by this time, but I haven't decided if I am I will enter or not!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh my, love the interactions with this fella.. Hugs to a year of Blogging, my Bloggiversary is in March.. Hugs!! Sorry it takes me so long to get around to say Hi