Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Ramblings

Today's Run
Didn't happen.  I was so looking forward to getting up and running this morning.  Instead, I woke up several times in the night with a headache (sinus related, I'm sure).  The headache stuck with me until mid-morning so the run was just not meant to happen.

The good news is, I feel less stuffy, my headache is gone, and my heel feels even more ready for a run.  So, let's hear it for tomorrow!

Adventures in Shoe Shopping
I mentioned in my last blog that I returned my new Saucony Grid Fusion 2 shoes.  I love my current pair of Saucony shoes so I thought I'd give these a try.  I'm sure they are great for some people but they were lacking in cushion and flexibility for me.  I was able to place an exchange and send them back to free of shipping charges... even though I had run in them!

I exchanged the Saucony for these:

Ryka Revive

Why Ryka?  My husband used to work for Jazzercise and this is the brand the company endorsed.  I received a free pair of cross trainers from Ryka through Jazzercise and loved them!

Based on my previous experience with Ryka, I was willing to give them a try.  Plus, I like the colors on this shoe.  When the UPS guy dropped them off, I immediately tried them on.  I liked how light they were... for about 5 minutes.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that these appear to be made of really cheap material.  They feel light because they are about as flimsy as flip-flops.  I didn't have to test run these to know they were not right for me.

Once again, I took advantage of the free exchange shipping and taped them back up in the box they arrived in.  They will be going home tomorrow via UPS.

My newest shoe adventure will involve these:

New Balance WR769KM- in Lace Up for the Cure Pink

These are not only super cute, part of the cost of these shoes goes to the Komen Race for a Cure Foundation.  They also have great reviews, especially in the areas that are of most concern to me- cushion, flexibility, and stability.  

I'm expecting Mr. UPS to drop these off tomorrow (OnlineShoes is offering 2nd Day Air at the amazing rate of $5.99 right now!).  I can't wait to see how these work out.  Hopefully they will.  

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it's time to get new running shoes!

Running Groups
I'm considering signing up with a running group in January.  I was in one when I was training for the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon but didn't sign up again after that.  

I liked my running group... sort of.  I didn't really bond with anyone in the group and it didn't feel very friendly.  I did like the accountability and the planned runs, however, and I think I need this again.

I'm looking into a few options, including the group a few of you already are a part of (San Diego Track Club).  I'll need to decide soon since many groups start sign-ups in January.  

Are you in a group?  Have you been in a group?  What do/did you like best about your running group?

Coming up
I had planned on picking your brains regarding Chi Running but this post is already too long.  So, I'll save it for the next post.  If you don't know what Chi Running is, here is a link to the Chi Running website: ChiRunning.


Sarah said...

Those pink shoes are adorable!!! Hope they feel great as well!

* Tyly * said...

I love the newest shoes and the fact that they help a good cause!

I need the accountability of a running group. I've researched, and I can't find any here. : (

Morgan said...

Oooooo I love the pink shoes!!!! :)

I have some NB trail running shoes and I really like them. Hopefully the new kicks work out for you!

Anne said...

I used to wear pink Mizunos, which ultimately led me to buy a pink hybrid bike. That pink is quite persuasive.

I think you'd really enjoy the RnR program with the SDTC. I used to be a run leader there before I broke my hip and stopped running marathons.

Lisa said...

ooooooh cute pink shoes!

Glenn Jones said...

Hey Sara! Someimes if you have a head col a good run will help clear things up. Just be ready for a massive snot flood a mile or so into your run.

I run with a group here in Orange County (Cal Coast Track Club). Honestly - it took a couple of years of running with them to feel like I was part of the group. From the group's perspective, there are a *ton* of folks who show up to train for a marathon, don't really put in the time and effort, and then just disappear when they find out how difficult it really is.

My advice would be to join a good, large group,and then stick with them even after your race. You *will* develop some friendships over time. And as you put in the time and speed up, you will fall into a group of people who are running your speed - which makes those weekend long runs *much* more enjoyable.

shellyrm said...

I love Saucony. I must say I am completely loyal. I will be interested in your review of the lastest super cute pink ones! Hubbs likes New Balance so maybe I should give them a try?!

No running groups close to me. Bummer. Plus, I run a lot of miles when I get my way. The few locals who also run a lot are typically training for their marathon or ultra me. runner can be a solitary sport.

Our Love on the Run said...

i LOVE the pink shoes! Ryan and i are in 2 running clubs.
Niketown in Boston, we run with them twice a week, it's pretty informal. Our real running club is the Greater New Bedford Track Club. Through this club we have become faster, better runners, learned so much and we have met so many wonderful people who will be our friends forever! We hang out with these people, have gone to their weddings and they will surely all be at ours. We are the youngest ones, our friends range in age from 28-63. i LOOOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOOVE my running club! Here is another example of my i love them and why its worth joining are my before and after PRs
5k- 24:04->19:48
10k- 56:00->42:00
13.1- 2:13-> 1:39:23(its been awhile, i think i could do 1:36:00 now)
26.2- 4:58:00-> 3:29:13
running with a group made me faster, it made me enjoy running more andi learned SOOO much from the more experienced runners! That was a MAJOR turning point in my running.

Laurel said...

I was in a couple of groups and a group leader for a marathon group in Miami. I actually love it and we have been talking about joining one since we moved to Philly. We made some great friends in our old groups.

But they are like anything else. You need to try a few on for size until you get a good fit. Not all are created equal. And don't feel bad about switching if it's not the group for you.

Love the shoes :)