Monday, November 2, 2009

Monkeys and other Monday Minutiae

I don't normally like monkeys (although, I wouldn't mind my very own marmoset). One monkey, however, has really grown on me since I became a mom. That would be George... you know, the monkey who lives with the Man in the Yellow Hat?

My youngest and I used to watch Curious George faithfully on PBS... until he discovered the nautical nonsense of Sponge Bob, that is. During a brief moment of Spongelessness, we found ourselves watching an episode of Curious George I had never seen before. In this episode, Professor Wiseman (The Man in the Yellow Hat's ambiguous girlfriend?) signed up to participate in a race.

Here's the episode description as found on the PBS website:

Curious George, Personal Trainer

Professor Wiseman is too busy to keep an exercise routine. So when she signs up to run in a fund-raising footrace, she enlists George as her personal trainer to help whip her into shape. George quickly learns there is more to exercising than meets the eye, and teaches Professor Wiseman that the keys to running are stretching, keeping hydrated, staying motivated and pacing yourself.

Very simplified, but not bad for a monkey. Actually, that's probably about as much as I know... what does that say about me? Um, don't answer that.

This episode left me smiling... especially when Professor Wiseman showed George her finisher's medal. Running... it's not just for crazy people, anymore. It's becoming so main-stream that even monkeys are getting involved!

More Minutiae

  • I had to look up that word (minutiae) to make sure I spelled it correctly. I didn't.
  • My allergies are horrible right now... as a result, I'm grumpy and didn't do any running or cross-training today.
  • On Thursday, I'm going on a girls-only long weekend in Vegas. Woo-hoo!
  • My party-buddy, Canadian cousin isn't going this year... I have a feeling I'll be blogging a lot.
  • Less than fifteen years ago I was wearing a size 2 in clothes from the Gap... I swear they changed the sizes so that they run smaller... much, much smaller. Grrrr...
  • My post-babies, nearing-forty body sometimes frustrates me.
  • I like that it's light earlier in the morning now... I plan to run in the morning.
  • I really like
  • Two and a Half Men is a funny show
  • Meb Keflezighi, the winner of the NYC Marathon, went to high school in San Diego... my husband says there's hope for me yet! Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny guy.
OK... enough minutae minutiae... I better get to bed if I'm going to run in the morning.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Woo hoo! You're back! I love it!

Yay to a weekend in Vegas. I'm so jealous. Glad to hear you're running again (even though you're all allergic).

Sarah said...

We love Curious George here, but I have never seen that one!

Have a great girls weekend!

Lisa said...

I'm just now learning to embrace my mid-forties post-babies body. I definately had issues with it nearing-forty. I understand the feelings you are probably going through.

Tricia said...

Seen it! My son loves George too. I'm SO glad he hasn't descovered Sponge Bob yet. I hope to keep it that way for a LONG time.