Friday, October 23, 2009

Run, Fun and Sun

I can't believe how long it's been since I've written a running blog! I've been able to keep up with a few of you via Facebook but I've been missing my running blogger friends. It's been fun catching up on some of your blogs this evening.

So, what has been up with me these past few months? I'm going to bullet-point my life just to make it less long and boring. Here's what has been going on with me since my last blog (the one titled, "Boobies"):
  • The pain in my heel turned out to be a bone spur
  • Had a cortisone shot in my heel
  • Felt better... but not totally pain-free after running
  • Our pretty kitty got eaten by a coyote
  • My dad was readmitted to the hospital one or two times (he IS doing better now)
  • School started for my second grader
  • My youngest started preschool
  • I've been debating about going back to work part-time
  • I realized how much I want to get out of California and have been looking at homes and jobs in Colorado and North Carolina (jobs for my husband, that is)
  • I've been bored
  • Got a new kitten (she's cute but a little stupid... really!)
  • Been sick ( not H1N1, thank God)
  • Have come to suspect that my oldest has mild Asperger's Syndrome (observations to confirm suspicion and testing in process)
  • Been running... in spite of lingering heel pain
  • Taken lots of naps (I love school/preschool)
  • Wondering if I should get another cortisone shot in my heel... heck, at this point they can cortisone my whole foot until I can't even feel the ground anymore! Cortisone is my friend.
So that is pretty much it! I wish I could bullet point that I won the lottery.... or even more unlikely, qualified for the Boston Marathon. But no.

What does my future hold?

Well, you never really know... but here are some plans:
  • I'm still registered for and plan to run the Surf City Half Marathon- can't wait!
  • I'm going to Vegas in November for the Professional Bull Riders' Association World Finals (this is an annual girls-only getaway & tons of fun)
  • I need a haircut
  • I'm looking for a new name for my running blog... I realized tonight that someone else has the same name for their blog
  • I will be removing the chipped, old toenail polish that has been on my toes since before my last blog post
On a Runner's note, I had a great run this morning! I ran about four miles and it was lovely. I am so fortunate to live in such a pretty area of San Diego County (but I still want to leave). It was sunny but a little cool. I found a couple new trails during my run. It was terrific!

That's all for now. I hope to be able to catch up with you all! I've missed you.

This is our new cute, inside only, kitty. Her name is Cleo.


Lisa said...

yay for cute inside-only kitty!

maybe anotehr cortisone shot will help. Husband has a bone spur and they gave him insoles. Not sure how that is supposed to help, but he says it does. maybe ask about that?

MCM Mama said...

Cute kitty! We have a not so smart kitty as well. We call him our "model" as he's gorgeous, but gets lost in our very small house.

Good luck figuring everything out! And I agree, school and preschool are the best thing ever.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

WELCOME back!! OMG your list goes from good to bad..

-All the best with your oldest, I cannot imagine...but I know you will find the best way to help him.

-I hear Colorado is BEAUTIFUL...and probably has less Spiders.. UGH

-Sorry about your heel, ouch

-Glad to know you did not lose the running bug altogether.

-Lots to catch up on...I will have a FUN giveaway on when you are done napping and cleaning the toe nail polish gunk stop by.

HUGS!! Mel


"I May or May not Run or Blog"
ooohhh OK that is just me being sad that my friend left me for months..

"Fast Enough to Avoid getting Eaten"

"Rookie Ran a Marathon"

FYI the last one is my top pick..

Jenn said...

I'm from Northern MN. We also had our eye on North Carolina. It's beautiful there. Bones spur, not fun! Good luck with your son. I was thinking of a name for my running blog last week too. I told my daughters ( 9 and 11) to think of something that had to do with running and snow. My middle child suggested "Running on Ice" and my oldest said how about "The White Witch" I got a good laugh out of this! Kids are fun! Good luck!