Saturday, May 2, 2009

Runner on the Right!

My Longest Distance!
Today was our group long-run... my longest distance at 14 miles (I missed the group's 16 and 18 mile runs).

I'm going to use this blog to share some of the things I learned on this long-run Saturday. Fourteen things I learned since the time I woke up... one for each mile I ran/walked today:
  1. It's dark at 4:35 a.m. when the alarm goes off.
  2. It's still dark at 4:45 when the alarm goes off again.
  3. Hitting the snooze button makes you late.
  4. Instant coffee isn't half bad... when you're desperate.
  5. Don't wash your running clothes the night before, chances are they won't be dry.
  6. Plain Greek yogurt with ground flax seed is not a yummy breakfast.
  7. Just because the running skirt looked awesome on the size 0 model, that does not mean it will look as good on a size 6 (or 8 depending on the time of month) real-shaped woman.
  8. It's good to shuffle your feet when walking through a dark house in order to avoid stepping on the cat.
  9. It's still dark at 5:15 a.m. Turn on the car's headlights.
  10. Speeding, while illegal, is an effective way to make up for hitting the snooze button.
  11. My running group needs to give out better driving directions.
  12. Chula Vista is an ugly place ... even the area on the bay.
  13. Someone in the running group made a poor decision when choosing this area to run 14 miles.
  14. One bad thing about being late (due to getting lost) is having to walk/run alone in a scary, desolate, industrial area while trying to catch up.
Ugly Run
I'm not referring to myself this time! The area was ugly. I never had a positive view of Chula Vista, which is south of downtown San Diego. When I saw that our run would start at the Marina, I thought maybe I wasn't giving the place a chance and maybe it would be nice. It wasn't... although it did get a little better as the route lead into Coronado, along the Silver Strand.

Adding to the overall yuckiness was the overcast weather. I'm sure things would have looked better with a blue sky to steal the show. It wasn't all bad, though. The best part about the route was that most of it was on a bike path so vehicle traffic was not an issue.

To the right was what looked like a salt mining place.
I'm not sure what it was exactly.

This was on the way back, so the sun was starting to burn through the clouds.
Those power lines make very disconcerting crackling noises.

Forget the Scenery... How was the Run?
The run/walk itself, was OK. I walked much of the 14 miles, but did manage to put in a few miles of running. My leg/knee was hurting a little as I ran but not unbearably so. I started with the group that consists of mostly walkers. Some walk and run, like me. As I mentioned above, I started late (about 10 minutes behind). Because I ran a good bit of the distance, I was able to catch up and/or pass up many of my group by mile 7, which felt very good to me!

The next pace group started about 40 minutes after I headed out. The fastest runners of this group started to pass me at about mile 6. At the turn-around point (seventh mile), I started 5 minute walk/ 3 minute run intervals, which I kept up until about mile 12. This kept me ahead of most of my group. It also allowed me to keep up with the slower runners of the second pace group.

Who? Me?!
One funny thing occurred as I was running slowly along the bike path. A group of bike riders was coming up behind me and I heard a man shout out, "Runner on the right!" as an alert to the other riders. I had not noticed any other runners around me at that time, so the declaration surprised me. I looked around for the "runner". Then I realized the man was talking about ME! That made me feel so good!

I Made It!
I made it through the whole 14 miles. Am I sore now? Yes! Does my leg hurt? Yes! Along with my left heel, my right ankle, and my butt. I'm sure the heel, butt, and ankle pain will go away pretty quickly. I just hope my knee/leg pain doesn't feel worse tomorrow. We'll see.

Well, now that we all know it is highly unlikely the city of Chula Vista will ask me to be their tourism ambassador, I think it is time to turn in. I woke up way too early this morning. Good night, all!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Yay sounds like a great run! Congrats :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

good job, runner!

BumbleBeeRunning said...

Sounds like oversleeping and the unpleasant views didn't end up affecting you at all! Great job!

RunningLaur said...

Yay, you're a runner!!
14 miles is awesome!

Sarah said...

Congrats on a 14 mile run! I always smile when someone calls me a "runner" cardiologist called me an "athlete" which still makes me smile when I think about it. :) Hope you are feeeling better tomorrow!

AKA Alice said...

Wow...Chula? Yeah, I gotta agree with you...of all of the amazing, beautiful places to run in San Diego County, why choose Chula Vista (or at least that part of it...I mean, down by the harbor is nice, but probably not for 14 miles...) I'm glad you're thinking about joining with the SDTC...I think I saw that you wrote that on Irene's blog :-)

The oversleeping part completely made me laugh... In a pinch, I've eaten expresso beans for my necessary am caffeine intake (Starbucks has them...chocolate covered expresso...YUM!)

Congrats for getting out there and getting it done. Keep icing and stretching!

RunToFinish said...

yikes why would a running group meet there it looks awful and you live in a cool place like San diego!!

way to go little miss runner! Don't forget to do all the post run stuff that helps keeps us injury bath or epsom salt bath, compression socks or pants if you've got em...swear by it all for quicker recovery

Patrick said...

You rock!!!! I can so relate to you on about 10 or the 14 things on your list-- It's amazing how one wrong move (sleeping in) can lead to a potentiol train wreck.

I'm also with you on the scenery thing-- That did not look like a pleasant run/walk-- and for me, bad scenery (esspecially power lines) would mean a bad run. But it sounds like you did great!!! That bicyclist simply said the truth-- you are and always will be a runner!

Keep it up Sara!

The Happy Runner said...

Congrats on your longest run! Great job!

MCM Mama said...

Congratulations and great job! Hope your leg continues to do well for you.

Irene said...

I so agree with the you and the area you ran! Ugh! I wonder why they didn't have you run somewhere nicer, like you've said. There are better and prettier places in Chula Vista to run. Really. I wonder why they had you go that route? Nice job getting in that run! 14 miles down! Woohoo!

joyRuN said...

Great great job on the longest distance!!!

Add some honey to that Greek yogurt ;)