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Music for Running

Inspired by Irene, today I created a playlist to listen to during the marathon. There are 92 songs all together. It works out to be six hours, 15 minutes, and 11 seconds.

Then, because I had nothing better to do (translation: "Because I didn't want to wash the dishes"), I posted that bit of information on my Facebook status. Tall Mel wanted to know what my top ten songs are. Tall-in-Wedges Mel wanted me to list them all in a blog. I'm still not sure if she was serious.

Well, since I still have nothing better to do (translation: "Since I hate putting laundry away"), I decided to respond to the Mels in a single blog. I'm going to list all of the songs on my playlist. I will indicate which are my 10 favorite running songs for Tall Mel.

I'm going to write them in order of how they appear on my iPod playlist (mostly alphabetical by artist). When I run, it's on "shuffle" so they won't be in this order for the race.

  1. Take a Chance on Me -- ABBA
  2. The Lucky One -- Alison Krauss & Union Station
  3. She Talks to Angels -- The Black Crowes
  4. Into the Ocean -- Blue October
  5. Run-Around -- Blues Traveler
  6. Don't Look Back -- Boston
  7. Not to Us -- Chris Tomlin *
  8. Accidentally in Love -- Counting Crows
  9. Proud Mary -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
  10. Bad Moon Rising -- CCR
  11. Who'll Stop the Rain -- CCR
  12. Don't Dream it's Over -- Crowded House
  13. Up and Away -- Dave Matthews Band **
  14. Grace is Gone -- DMB
  15. So Much to Say -- DMB
  16. American Baby -- DMB
  17. Ants Marching -- DMB
  18. Come on Eileen -- Dexy's Midnight Runners **
  19. Mercy -- Duffy
  20. The Riddle -- Five for Fighting
  21. Monday Morning -- Fleetwood Mac
  22. Don't Stop -- Fleetwood Mac
  23. When I Come Around -- Green Day
  24. Sweet Child O' Mine -- Guns N' Roses **
  25. Knockin' on Heaven's Door -- Guns N' Roses
  26. Upside Down (Remix) -- Jack Johnson & Money Mark
  27. Me and Bobby McGee -- Janis Joplin **
  28. No Slack -- Joe Bonamassa
  29. Unbroken -- Joe Bonamassa
  30. Waiting for Me -- Joe Bonamassa
  31. Red Light -- Jonny Lang
  32. Bump in the Road -- J. Lang
  33. Anything's Possible -- J. Lang
  34. Don't Stop Believing -- Journey **
  35. Walking on Sunshine -- Katrina & the Waves
  36. Black Horse & the Cherry Tree -- KT Tunstall
  37. Suddenly I See -- KT Tunstall
  38. Fool in the Rain -- Led Zeppelin
  39. All Downhill -- Lyle Lovett
  40. In My Own Mind -- Lyle Lovett
  41. If I Had a Boat -- Lyle Lovett
  42. Private Conversation -- Lyle Lovett
  43. Independence Day -- Martina McBride
  44. I Run for Life -- Melissa Etheridge **
  45. Breathe -- Michelle Branch
  46. Shattered -- OAR
  47. Fool in the Rain -- OAR
  48. Hit Me with Your Best Shot -- Pat Benatar
  49. Outrageous -- Paul Simon
  50. Grace Like Rain -- Plumbline * **
  51. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) -- The Proclaimers
  52. We Will Rock You -- Queen
  53. We are the Champions -- Queen
  54. Fat Bottomed Girls -- Queen
  55. Dani California -- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  56. Snow (Hey Oh) -- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  57. Time Stand Still -- Rush
  58. My Redeemer Lives -- Rueben Morgen *
  59. Walkin' on the Sun -- Smashmouth **
  60. Dakota -- Stereophonics
  61. A Thousand Trees -- Stereophonics
  62. Step on my Old Size Nines -- Stereophonics
  63. Have a Nice Day -- Stereophonics
  64. Pick a Part that's New -- Stereophonics
  65. When the Stars Go Blue -- Tim McGraw
  66. Sweetest Thing -- U2
  67. Desire -- U2
  68. All Along the Watchtower -- U2
  69. Angel of Harlem -- U2
  70. Beautiful Day -- U2
  71. '40' -- U2
  72. When Love Comes to Town -- U2 with BB King **
  73. Red Red Wine -- UB40 **
  74. A Thousand Miles -- Vanessa Carlton
  75. Baba O'Riley -- The Who
  76. Your Love is Amazing -- Brenton Brown *
  77. Forever -- Chris Tomlin *
  78. I Lift my Eyes Up -- Kutless *
  79. Majestic -- Lincoln Brewster *
  80. Everlasting God -- Lincoln Brewster *
  81. Blessed be Your Name -- Matt Redman *
  82. Jesus Lord of Heaven -- Kutless *
  83. Another Hallelujah -- Lincoln Brewster *
  84. Today is the Day -- Lincoln Brewster *
  85. Let the Praises Ring -- Lincoln Brewster *
  86. Tom Sawyer -- Rush
  87. Marathon -- Rush
  88. The Tide is High -- Blondie
  89. Heart of Glass -- Blondie
  90. The Climb -- Miley Cyrus
  91. Once in a Lifetime -- Talking Heads
  92. And She Was -- Talking Heads
  93. The Day we Caught the Train -- Ocean Colour Scene
Nope, that is not a typo... there are now 93 songs. I realized while I was writing this that I forgot to put #93 in my playlist. Good thing I wrote out all the songs, otherwise I might not have realized the Ocean Colour Scene song was missing. That could have thrown off my whole race!!

In case you haven't noticed, the songs with the red * are church/worship songs. These songs help keep the focus off of myself when I'm getting worn out. I find they help me stop thinking about how sore and tired I am.

The ten songs that have the ** are the my favorites for running. They either have a good beat, make me happy, or keep my mind off of myself for a while. I added a bunch of new songs today, though, so I may find some other favorites.

Wellness & Heeling (Pun Intended)

That crazy-looking night splint seems to be helping. I woke up this morning, stepped on my heel, and *voila!* no pain! It felt mostly better all day... until I stood around on our hard floor making dinner without my shoes on, because my 7 yr. old spilled apple juice and my running shoes got the brunt of the splatter.

So I'm happy! Not about the juicy shoes, happy about my heel. Thanks for all your well-wishes, suggestions, and sharing your knowledge!


I was totally NOT joking. Love your list, it's great! You know another awesome Queen song to take you through to the finish line? Don't Stop Me Now. Slow beginning, but it's rockin once it gets going.

Love from Tall in Heels Mel (ha ha ha ha!)
Oz Runner said…
great list....i love lincoln brewster and 80's tunes too...
Sarah Jane said…
Dexy's Midnight Runners! Here! Here! Hahaha my husband hates that song, but it ALWAYS picks me up! Great list (thanks for the ideas!)!

So glad the heel is feeling heelthy! (that was a stretch, I know)
THANK YOU!! You went above and beyond. You are super funny about the "tall in heels." What a crack up.. I will copy the songs and use some when I FINALLY get around to making my playlist. Gave you a nod on my Blog today.

Glad you are feeling better, bummer about the Apple juice. Note to self, keep shoes off the ground.
Mel-2nd Chances said…
great list and glad the heel is healing! :) Yuck.. apple juice in the shoes.
Irene said…
Cool list! You have enough for the entire marathon, and then some! I'm just doing enough to get me from mile 20 to 26.2. :)

Glad your heel is feeling better!
Patrick said…
Great list!!!!

Ants Marching-- SUCH a good running song. I cannot believe I don't have that on my IPOD. I will now!

Most of all Sara, I am very happy to hear your foot is healing. That is great!

I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you this week. You're just a few days away now!!!!
That's quite a mixture. I immediately noticed the worship stuff mixed in there. Will you play in this order or will you let it pick randomly for race day?
MCM Mama said…
Awesome list!

Hope the heel continues to heal. ;o)
Love the list, since about half of them are from my "growing up" era! Glad the night splint is helping. It can be annoying to wear to bed, as you know, especially if you need to get up in the middle of the night to go potty!! Hey, apple juice on shoes is an omen of good things to come. :-)
Bob D said…
That's an excellent idea - a goal timed playlist. We have a lot of overlap.
AKA Alice said…
yay for the healing heel!

Edie Brickell-What I am...great song to add to your 93.....cuz you need one more song :-)

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