Friday, April 24, 2009

Randomness is the New Methodical

Out of respect for my scattered-brain, I decided to go random tonight in my blogging.

I'm in Love
It's not uncommon for me to profess my love for inanimate objects. I've proposed marriage to strong, hot cups of coffee. I've fallen in love with many Italian Gelatos in my life. I've even had my knees go weak & my heart throb when seeing a beautiful, shiny 1968 Mustang Convertible or a sweet, custom Harley Davidson.

Today was a great day in the love department:
  • I got to go on the Roller Table at the chiropractor's today. I LOVE the Rollie Table! The Roller Table is a cushioned table that has rollers under the upholstery that move along the spine/back in a wave-like motion. I always fall asleep on it. Ahhhh... I wish I had a Rollie Table.
  • I also found and fell in love with these:
After falling asleep at the chiropractor's and then again at the
physical therapist (yep, there too), I decided I needed some caffeine.
And chocolate.
I found both in one little chocolate bar.

Randomness Regarding Physical Therapy
  • I did not get the same PT I had last week. This was disappointing. Today's PT was nice but not as good as the guy from last week. I always prefer men health practitioners over women, for some reason. Still... I guess it's better than having the the Hulk.
  • I fell asleep on the therapy table while going through shock treatment (or whatever it's called when they attach those little electrode things to sore muscles).

  • I can't do just nothing for very long at all without falling asleep. I can't even sit through a complete church service. I usually end up having to walk out part-way through the service... which does not look good when your husband works at the church.
  • This falling asleep thing never happened before I had kids. Hmmm...
Count Me Out... For Now

Tomorrow my training group is doing a 10-mile trail run/walk. I was planning to walk it since my knee/leg feels so much better. As it turns out, I won't be able to go because my husband is "on call" to possibly to some audio work for his old company (Jazzercize, Inc.). If they end up needing him, it will be decent money (and who can't use that these days?!).

I'm disappointed, but I figure it will be good to give my leg a rest for one more week before we do an even longer run/walk next Saturday.

My Four Year Old

My youngest little guy is so funny! He is mischievous, charming, and cute. There is never a dull moment with him around. If you don't believe me, read on...
  • Yesterday he sucked some ants up through a straw and decided they taste pretty good. I never thought I'd have to tell one of my kids to stop eating ants.
  • Today he licked the cat's face. I'm waiting for him to cough up a fur ball.
  • When he doesn't want to do something, he claims his knee hurts (sound familiar?).
  • He will swear up and down that he is not 4 years old... he's 7 years old. That's how old his big brother is.
  • He wears flip-flops 363 days out of the year. Getting shoes on him practically takes an act of God.
  • He LOVES Hawaiian print shirts.
  • Because of his flip-flops and shirts, we call him Jimmy Buffett (don't worry, he does not drink Margaritas).

Thanks for reading my random ramblings! One of these days... hopefully sooner than later... I'll be able to post about running, walking, miles, pace, minutes, hills, chaffing, trails, roads, and the questionable goodness of Gu again!

Happy running, everyone! And for those of you who have races (and there are quite a few of you)... Good luck & have FUN!


Melanie Tait said...

Hey Sara,

Ah... your four year old - sorry SEVEN year old - is adorable. And word on the street here in the land of ants big and small is that they're a rather good source of protein :).

Speaking of falling in love... I'm currently sitting with an empty, ravaged chocolate wrapper behind me. I'm about to go for a run and have devoured the last few pieces of Green and Gold's Maya Orange Dark Chocolate. Can you get it in the US? It's from ENgland and it's THE BOMB. No refined sugar, no dairy, all yummy. You feel like it gets inside you and does good things... Love it.

Thanks for your lovely message today too! xx

Oz Runner said...

cute picture of your son, and hey maybe he will be the next Jimmy Buffet someday....

good idea resting your leg another week, no sense risking more injury...

sleep on!

Patrick said...

Love it, Love it , Love it!!! You are hysterical--Reading your blog has become a well anticipated daily routine for me-- I really dig your posts.

I cannot believe you feel asleep during "shock" therapy :) and your 4-year old is quite the character. I am sure he keeps you both on your toes!

This is a riot!

Marathonman101108 said...

Great "random" post! It's always nice to read some non-running things about everyone. Sucking up ants through a straw?! That's hilarious! Watch out, because the little ones grow up in a hurry. My daughter turned 27 yesterday, and she bought a condo and is moving out soon :-(

joyRuN said...

Hilarious :)

Your 4-year old sounds like mine - can't get her in a skirt/dress EVER. Fortunately, I haven't had her suck ants through a straw!

Can't go wrong with more rest for an injury.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Fun post to read.

I could never fall asleep during that eletrical stimulation therapy. It feels weird and I was always afraid they'd electrocute me or something. LOL

Glenn Jones said...

They are so precious at this age. Watch out though, they'll be listening to LMFAO in no time at all (and yes - that's the name of the "group" if you can call them that). Best of luck on the PT!

Melanie said...

LOL @ your little guy sucking ants through a straw... protein??? Enjoy the extra rest, it'll do your legs some good, then hopefully you and your 7 year old won't have any more knee aches. lol

MCM Mama said...

Totally LOL at your 4 year old. Shoo is 3.5 and is quite hilarious (although 3 is my least favorite age). When he doesn't want to do something, he tells me his legs are broken. He also claims to be 7 (which is how old Jones is). It's a good thing he's cute sometimes, 'cause if he spent all of his time testing boundaries (instead of just most of it), I'd probably have to start running and never come back...

AKA Alice said... the Jimmy Buffett reference. This is soooooo why I love reading your blog.

My son still uses the "my knee hurts" excuse and he's 11 now. Where did that come from?

Oh, and to answer the questions you left on my blog, yes, I'm a Dr. Heffer. After teaching high school for 17 years, I started a full time position teaching at Grossmont College this year. I also teach a class at SDSU right now. To be honest? It's all about the same. Teaching is teaching, no matter where you do it.

And yes, I should be grading papers right now...just a short little blog break!

Jes said...

Your 4 year old sounds AWESOME!