Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gotta Step It Up Notch (or Three)

Now that my knee/leg is feeling better, I decided to get out and walk this afternoon. It was nice to be outside, even if I still can't run. I wasn't pushing myself to walk my fastest because I'm concerned about hindering the healing process. Still, I thought I was making good time.

I was wrong. I walked for an hour and 19 minutes and went about 4.3 miles. That makes a pace of 18.22. In order to finish the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in 6.5 hours, I need to be able to walk at about a 15 minute pace. The race gives 7 hours to finish but I want to get across that finish line ahead of the people with the push brooms.

I'm going to go ahead and admit this: I'm scared!

I am so far behind in my training... whether running or walking... I feel like I will not be ready for this race.

I am so hoping I will be able to run part of the race. I can't, however, even run across the street at this point without experiencing sharp pain in my right thigh. I know this because I tried to run across a busy street while out on my walk. Fortunately, the street was narrow... otherwise it could have easily turned into a Frogger scenario.

Like this:

... or for you youngsters:

So. What to do?
  • Hang in there, work on walking faster and hope my leg is in passable running condition?
  • Or do I hang my hat for this one and focus on future races?

My fear is that I will start the marathon and not be able to finish. Or not finish in time. I'm not a quitter... but I'm also not a fan of being humiliated.

What would you do?*

*Don't worry... I rarely act on the opinions of others. I'm just curious.

On a happy note-- my feet look pretty! I gave myself a long-overdue pedicure today. I hope the toenail polish holds up when I start running again!


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Hey Sara,

Man - you still make something that means so much to you just jump off the page to read!

You still have over 30 days, hey? The body can do a lot in 30 days. Keep working towards it and don't make any decisions yet, I think. So can training. I'm sure you know this.

I hate to think of the rock n roll marathon happening without you rocking it out along the way!!

Mel x

Patrick said...

I agree with Melanie. You have A LOT of time which means you do NOT have to push yourself now. Shoot for a pace of 17 next week, then 16, then 15 the final week before. Don't back out just yet. Remember to count on the "Race Day Rush" to push your time too!

Melanie said...

ya, agree with above too :) hang in there, you'll do it!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Is there a half marathon option for the Rock 'n' Roll? Maybe once you get to the race to get your bib and, IF (Big if there is alot of time before the race) you do not feel that you can finish 26 miles you can change to 13 instead. I am VERY sure you will make it ahead of the push brooms.

I LOVE the clipart, you are SOOO FUNNY!!

Just saw that you have a facebook, don't be surpised if you get a friend request soon :)

Colin Timberlake said...

Love the Frogger reference.

Good luck in the training. I think you'll get under 6 hours if you give 'er.

Glenn Jones said...
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Glenn Jones said...

I liked the Frogger reference too!

Now for the bad news - I'm going to be the naysayer of the group. First off - can you walk 7 hours right now? If so, then concentrate on that (walking more in the next 30 days) and train accordingly. 15 minute miles is a brisk walk (4 mph) and you will need to do it for seven hours in a row.

If not, and if you are still unable to run at this point, I would pull the plug. Your priority should be resting and getting better. Total rest. Soooo many running injuries are caused by doing too much too fast. RnR Marathon will be back next year. If you really mess yourself up by pushing too hard too quickly, you won't.

Oh - and talk to your doctor/PT about it too. They are the professionals.

Irene said...

I just found you over at AKA Alice's blog!

Eeek! I just now realized the marathon is THAT close, since you've brought it up! My goal this year is finishing, no time goals, so you may very well be passing me up on the route. :)

Like the others have said, you still have plenty of time and you'll be amazed with what your body can do. You have put in the training and time on your feet, right? Hang in there!

RunToFinish said...

hey don't forget to send me you remail address so I can copy on the email for the SD blogger meet up.

Personally... I say walk it. This will be a fun race with all the bands and hey it's all about the experience!

joyRuN said...

Go for it! You have plenty of time, & when surrounded by the race atmosphere, I'm sure you'll find yourself walking with more pep in your step ;)

Marathonman101108 said...

Tough call, but if it was me, and I could get a full refund, or close to a full refund, I'd withdraw. 2 years ago I was training to run my first marathon, and ended up with a groin injury (ouch!). My PT kept telling me I wouldn't be recovered in time to run the marathon, but I chose to ignore her. Yup, you guessed it. I withdrew past the full refund deadline, and lost $50. A lesson learned the hard way. I agree 100% with Glenn Jones...better safe than sorry. BUT, definitely ask your PT.

Mark Berry said...

Is there a "fall-back" option at San Diego (i.e., running the half or a 10K vs. the full marathon)? It avoids the need to withdraw and gives you a more realistic goal. Some (Bill Rodgers for one) argue that staying on your feet for 5, 6 or 7 hours is more physically demanding than running a marathon in 3-4. Don't know if it's true, but I sure find walking 3 miles harder than running 3 miles. Regardless what others suggest, you need to do what is right for you. If you have regrets afterwards, at least it won't be that you didn't follow your own path. Take care of yourself in training and see where you're at in 30 days. You don't have to decide anything until then.

Bob D said...

I would enter but not risk hurting myself, enjoy getting to go leisurely, and be at peace with any result including DNF, if that is in my best interest.

Good luck!

I Run for Fun said...

I would walk for the next week or so and see how things are going. Your body can recover by then. Good luck!