Friday, April 17, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

Take It and Run Thursday (belated)

Yesterday's Take-It-and-Run Topic at Runners' Lounge was about blogging as a runner... why start & how it helps.

I'm not going to write a lengthy blog about that... I'm going to bullet-point it. I love bullet-points.
  • When I started running and training for a marathon, I thought I had a unique idea... I'd blog about my running experience! It might be entertaining for my friends.
  • I found that my idea was not unique. Instead, I found lots of running blogs.
  • My friends don't find it entertaining... I guess if you're not a runner, it's not interesting to read blog after blog about "running this" and "running that"... "Asics blah, blah, blah"..."my knee wah, wah, wah"... and so on.
  • As quickly as I found out I did not have a unique idea, I found out that the running blogger world would be a place to learn, get encouragement, give encouragement, and laugh at things having to do with running.
  • My RBFs (thanks MCM Mama for the catchy abbreviation) have lived up to this expectation. What an amazing support system!
  • Thanks to this support, I have learned so many things and have remained excited about running, even when forced to take a break from it.
  • I find myself thinking of you fellow bloggers at the most random of moments.
For example, I was at the San Diego Natural History Museum today with my family. I saw this hanging from the ceiling:

Can you guess which of my RBFs came to mind? Here's a hint... she says she has an irrational fear of sharks. If you guessed Mel at Tall Mom on the Run, you're probably a mutual friend of hers... and you'd be correct!

So, Mel, that shark is for you! That reminds me... aren't you leaving for Hawaii soon?

I thought of Glenn Jones at The Running Fat Guy when I saw this cute kitty at the same museum:

Why? Because he commented on my coyote blog that mountain lions are sometimes a threat in the areas where he runs. Glenn, if you see one of these guys during one of your runs... it was nice blogging with you.
  • To sum it all up... running blogger friends have become a part of my everyday life. Without their support, words of wisdom, humor, and example I wouldn't be as motivated and excited about running as I am.

TGIF Foto Friday (belated... unless you live on the West Coast, like me)

Since I've started running, I find myself noticing runners everywhere I go. I'm certain I never noticed so many before I became one. When I spot a runner, I check out their gait, gear, clothes, speed, routes, etc.

As I mentioned above, my family went to the San Diego Natural History Museum today. We also went to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Both museums are in Balboa Park. I noticed runners everywhere! And no wonder. It's a beautiful place to run.

I even noticed this runner at the Science Museum:

This little guy has probably been running in this hands-on Water Distribution exhibit for years! Between bringing students and my own children to the museum, I'm sure I've seen this display numerous times. I only noticed him today.

Sorry, little guy! Keep it up... you're looking good!

Alright, RBFs... have a great weekend! To those who have races... good luck! To those who have long runs... enjoy!


Glenn Jones said...

Man you're up early! Thanks for the mention in the blog! I'm out the door to my 5K in a few minutes. I'll pretend that mountain lion is behind me!

MCM Mama said...

LOL at the RBFs. It took me forever to figure out what that one meant when I started blogging. It's so nice to have people who are actually interested in our running, rather than merely tolerating us. ;o)

Mel (TMOTR) said...

YOU are OFFICIALLY the funniest!! That Shark makes me truly excited for snorkeling...NOT!! I love my RBF's for sure.

The guy running in the exhibit is so funny!! Amazing that you noticed that.

I am the same way I noticed a lady running (well sort of) on the side of the road on my way home last night. She was on a section of road that no one should run, and especially not slowly. I wanted to pull over and give her some ideas of places with side walks. I wanted to pull out my phone and take a photo of her mindlessness. Instead I kept driving and thought, at least she is out there.

Then I took a self memo to map out my 11 mile run.

Have a great weekend RBF :)

ptanes said...

I soo love your blog!!!! Thoughtful and great pics. It is amazing how blogging helps keep us all motivated--- I think about everyone like yourself who has inspired me everytime I get out there to tackle the miles.
Blogging is great-- I wonder how those pre-internet runners got by without it :)
Have a great weekend!

AKA Alice said...

I laughed at your second bullet point...that was my idea almost exactly. With the exception of my friends who also run, my non-running friends only read my blog to find out what the whole group is doing. I think my rants about my PF and my hip injury that bored them to tears.

I think of my RBFs at all kinds of random times too.

Have a great weekend. Isn't the weather wonderful?

Melanie said...

LOL, great post! Love the pics and that you thought of bloggers! No need to tell me what animal i would have been :D I also notice runners everywhere now, and am always looking at the elevation changes on roads, if there are sidewalks, etc to check out running routes. Funny how it consumes our thoughts!

Melanie Tait said...

I know what you mean about the running blogs! I started mine nearly a month and a half ago - mainly to keep myself honest (ie keep to my running plan). Now I seem to have fallen in love with both the running and the blogging. Can't wait to read more of yours!

Neese said...

nice post and I adore the RBF!

Bob D said...

You made me laugh today.

"My friends don't find it entertaining... I guess if you're not a runner, it's not interesting to read blog after blog about "running this" and "running that"... "Asics blah, blah, blah"..."my knee wah, wah, wah"... and so on."

At our house, it went like this --


Me: I'm starting a fitness blog!

My wife: That's nice.


Me: I have like 20 posts on my blog, want to see?

My wife: Maybe sometime, not now.


Woman who runs, that knows my wife (I don't know her): "Hey, I love your husbands blog!"

My wife: I want to see what's on your blog.