Monday, March 2, 2009

My Saturday Run

It's been a few days since my Saturday run but I've been so busy enjoying our beautiful weather, I haven't had a chance to blog.

Here's a Quickie About How Saturday Went
  • We showed up late for our group run... we got lost due to a freeway closure.
  • Since my pace group was already on the road, I didn't take enough time to stretch or warm up before the run.
  • The scenery was absolutely gorgeous!!
  • There were quite a few hills.
  • My muscles felt like lead... probably because I didn't stretch much or warm-up.
  • The weather was perfect!!
  • My new shoes felt great!
  • It was a loooooong 10 miles.
  • Did I mention the scenery was gorgeous?
  • I went thigh-deep into the ocean after my run. It was cold and it felt so good!
To sum it all up, it was a tough run but the weather was unbelievable and La Jolla is one of my favorite places. I was actually distracted by the scenery and found it difficult to keep my mind on running.

Next Saturday, we cut back back to 8 miles. My last 8-mile run was my best so I'm excited about it!

Here is why I was so distracted while running*:

Those blubbery things on the beach are seals.

Baby seal snoozing in the sun.


The ocean was clear and the sky was blue.

* These pictures were taken the day after our run. The weather was so beautiful this weekend, my husband and I took our boys down to La Jolla Cove on Sunday.

My guys... the two smaller ones are trying to ignore their Mommy with her camera.


Glenn Jones said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Say - after my Tuesday intervals (Wednesday morning) I'll post something about intervals - the whys, the hows and most important - how fast to run them.

I'm in OC, and yes - the weather was fantastic this past weekend!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about keeping focused when running in SD. When I ran there and it was hot and I saw the ocean all I could think of was resting and swimming! So great job on sticking to your run.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures, i love san diego!

tfh said...

Great job on the run and I'm so glad the new shoes are working out! Beautiful photos!

Sarah said... is just gorgeous!!! I can't wait until spring comes to NY!

Melanie said...

i would give just about everything to run in that type of scenery, and be able to jump into an ocean after my run. WOW. Glad the shoes are working out!

Marathonman101108 said...

OK, I'm SO jealous of you west coast folks!! We got a foot of snow over the weekend, and I won't be able to run for a few more days. Then it will still be 35 degrees...sigh!

Run Mommy said...

As always, I am super jealous of people who live in better climates. :)

joyRuN said...

I AM SO jealous!!

Those pics are gorgeous. How cute is that baby seal?

Good job on the 10 :)

MCM Mama said...

I've visited those seals! ;o) YOu have no idea how jealous I am of you and your weather!

Christie said...

Beautiful pictures. I wish I had that scenery as a distraction.

Run Mommy said...

Your comments on my post about terms gave me such a giggle! I had to say so. :)