Friday, February 6, 2009

Running for Daniel

Today I registered to run in a 5K called the Carlsbad 5000. I was not planing on running any other races before the Rock & Roll Marathon but I when I heard about a group putting together a fund-raising team for a little boy I know, it was a no-brainer decision to join the team and sign up.

Here is some background regarding this boy's situation:

Last school year a fourth grader who attended the school where I taught was hit by a car while chasing his skateboard down his driveway and into the street. Daniel was struck hard by a car driven by a teenage boy (who was going the speed-limit, by the way). Daniel suffered many injuries, including fractures and major head-trauma. He was placed in a drug-induced coma in order to let his brain rest so the swelling could go down.

After numerous surgeries and months in the hospital, Daniel is home. He is confined to a wheelchair and has extremely limited movement. He currently attends special day classes at his local public school. Some of the teachers at this school are the ones who put together this running team.

The team is hoping to raise money to help Daniel's family buy a van that has a motorized lift for his wheelchair and that can accommodate his needs. I saw the opportunity to join the running team when I read their family update on (a website for families going through rough times due to injury or illness).

So... I'm running a 5K now, too. This one is for Daniel.

I'm waiting for permission from Daniel's mom to post links to his CaringBridge site. If/when I get the permission, I will put them up in order to share his story.


Denise said...

Wow, that's really unfortunate. Running can bring so many people together and raise a lot of money, I'm glad they are doing this run.

MCM Mama said...

How sad! Definitely a run worth doing.

Run Mommy said...

Most definitely worth it. Makes running that much more important. Good work and wish the team much success!

Mark Berry said...

Running a few races - even shorter ones like a 5K - will pay big dividends when you toe the starting line for your marathon.

When you do it for a reason (such as you described), you transcend the "it's about me" of running and makes running meaningful in more than just a health-promoting way.

Very cool that you're doing what you're doing - as well as why you're doing it!