Monday, February 16, 2009

My Monday Morning Run-- Mission Aborted

February 16
Training Run: 35 minutes

It's Raining, It's Pouring
It's raining here today. When it rains in San Diego, it is a major news story. The anchor men and women jump into action, put on their serious faces, and give names to the news-worthy weather. Names such as, "Storm Watch 2009" or "The Biggest Storm of the Year". Never mind that it is only February. Never mind that it's just rain... rain we need in order to stave off the constant threat of drought.

I love the rain and I was looking forward to running in it. I was excited about trying out my new running rain-jacket to make sure it really works. I got the jacket on clearance a couple weeks ago and debated the necessity of it. Here was my chance to justify the purchase.

Fashion and the Average Soccer Mom
The only problem was, my ankles and my right knee have been hurting since yesterday morning. I'm sure the pain is mostly due to the 8-mile run on Saturday.

My ankles and knee probably would have been fine if I had not decided on high-heeled, no cushion-what-so-ever boots to wear to church yesterday morning. It probably wasn't smart to wear the boots while doing errands and carrying my four-year-old on my hip at the same time. I knew they were making my body very unhappy.

It probably would have helped, also, if I didn't have a soccer game last night. I only play once a week so I refuse to invest in a pair of expensive, foot-friendly cleats. The sprinting around the soccer arena is tough enough, but it's the constant stopping and turning that made me realize how much my ankles were bothering me.

And the Point Is...
I headed out in the rain this morning to do my scheduled 35-minute run. I didn't get very far. My ankles and knee are pissed at me and they let me know it! Yes, I'm training for a marathon. Yes, I'm enjoying the challenge. Yes, I have grown to love running. But, no, I will not push my body to the point of injury.

So, I turned around and went home... where I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and the company of my husband (the kids are at grandma's).

By the Way
It was raining enough to discover that my running rain-coat works pretty well. It got wet and I could feel it but my skin did not feel wet. Yay! Money well-spent.

And here's the quote for the day. It has nothing to do with running but it ties into what I wrote about at the beginning of this blog:

"Stay tuned to News 10, where we will tell you how to keep your family safe in this severe weather..."
~News Anchor Woman on Channel 10
(just now... seriously!)


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Listening to your body is SMART!

joyRuN said...

Ice those poor puppies.

Sounds like you'll have the time with the severe weather & all ;)

MCM Mama said...

I will agree that wearing heels and carrying a kid are definitely not running friendly. I did the same at a wedding this fall and my knee hurt for a week. Heck, I gave my 7 year old a piggy back ride while wearing running shoes and was limping for a few weeks.

Watch out for that severe weather! Maybe I should call my brother (he lives in San Diego) and make sure he's ok. ;o)

BeachRunner said...

ROFL. I love those news teases. So alarming and ridiculous.

Does breathing cause cancer? Stay tuned...