Friday, February 20, 2009

Mystery Food

This was a non-running day for me. I have a 9-mile run scheduled for tomorrow. I'm particularly looking forward to this one because it's mostly a trail run. I'm thinking it will be like hiking- only faster.

Last week, the coaches for my running group told us to start bringing some energy-type food to eat during our runs. In a strange way, I'm excited about this... I'm now running long enough distances to consume those mysterious, funny-shaped packages that I've seen at the check-out counters at the athletic stores!

So, which to buy? Well, I had a credit at Road Runner Sports so I decided to try out a bunch. Here is my collection:

I haven't decided which of the gels I will try out during my run tomorrow. It's a tough choice since the idea of downing a mouthful of gel doesn't sound very appetizing-- I don't care what flavor they call it! As of tonight, I'm leaning toward the Mocha Cliff Shot since it has caffeine and it's going to be an early morning.

I love Jelly Bellies so I don't think I need much convincing to pop those in my mouth. The Cliff Shot Bloks mystify me... what are they? They feel gummy. They look yummy. Are they cubed Gummi Bears? Do I eat them as I run, instead of the gel? Will they yank out my fillings? Hmmm... so many new things to discover in the running world.

So, tell me...what is your favorite energy food-thing to eat while running?


Run Mommy said...

The Sport Beans an the GU are great (especially mint chocolate). The Power Bar gels are LOATHESOME. Stay away from those - it is like eating a spoonful of tar.

robison52 said...

I love the orange Sport Jelly Beans that helped me get a BQ twice!

joyRuN said...

Enjoy the experimentation! You'll see it's a very individual preference.

I can't do SportsBeans & ShotBloks.

I'm trying to like the GUs better, but so far, my favorite is the PowerBar Gels.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

powerbar brand strawberry and banana gel is about the only thing i can tolerate. and only a few of them at max.

for my longer runs i carry accelerate and i do pretty well with that.

on my bike i try "real" food like little pb&j sandwiches and trail mix.

i think this is one thing that is highly personal. so experimentation is a good idea.

Melanie said...

yep, i'm with the others, pretty personal. I like the Sports Beans, with the blocks, i usually just let it sit in my cheek somewhere until it magically dissolves. I think this is because i tried chewing one some time ago, and nearly choked on it... not sure i've completely mastered running, chewing and swallowing so well :) Gu's/gels work well for me, no stomach issues, but I can't tolerate the consistency. I get a mouthful, swig some water and wash it down. Like Run Mommy said, the mint chocolate Gu is yummy. Good luck!

MCM Mama said...

The only thing that really works for me are the GUs. Cliff Shots leave an aftertaste I can't handle and the bloks send me running to the bathroom - multiple times for several hours. The jelly beans are good, but when I'm really tired, I can't eat them.

Have a good run tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Hi! I found your blog through Beach Runner. Very nice!

I just tried the sport beans and liked them very much...they were REALLY sweet. I had to slow down a bit to eat them though...didn't want to choke on one. :)

Marathonman101108 said...

Hi! I found you on Run Mommy's blog. Anyhow, I tried a lot of different things, but I swear by the "Hammer" products.

RunToFinish said...

too funny i just bought a random assortment like that because i need to start testing them out as i get back in to long training runs! i'm pretty awful about using anything, I'd rather eat food if possible

Mark Berry said...

Less flavor the better - during half-marathons, I consume one packet of gel (vanilla) prior to every water station (assuming stations are at two mile intervals), allowing me to wash down with water. I've tried lots of flavored gels, sports beans, shot bloks, etc. In terms of brand, it depends on the weather - GU or Powerbar in cold weather (it's thinner).