Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 17
Training Assignment: Run 40 minutes
Actual: None

Listening to My Body
My ankles are still griping at me. By griping, I mean, they hurt! I haven't run since Saturday and have missed two training days. This is discouraging and frustrating. Saturday's run was such a "high" for me. Now, I'm waiting for my ankles to feel better and tell me it's OK to start running again. I would run and try to ignore the pain but I'm afraid of causing even more damage that would keep me from even more training days.

Searching for Solutions
Today, I went to our local Road Runner Sports to find out if the cause of my ankle pain could be due to my shoes or if an insole would help. In case you don't know, Road Runner has an incredible return policy. If they fit you for shoes, you have 60 days to use them to see if they will work for you. If they don't, you can return them. That's better than Nordstrom's return policy!

I explained my problem to one of the shoe-fitters and she rechecked my pronation with the shoes on. She seemed to think the shoes were fine and perhaps I need more cushion. To my surprise, she offered to find some shoes to replace the ones I have. I have been running in Asics 2140 and I really like them. She brought out some Saucony that she thought might provide more cushion but they felt heavier and not any more cushiony than my Asics.

I asked about the Superfeet insoles... I had done a little research on them and thought they might be beneficial to my whiny, little ankles. The shoe girl wasn't so sure about whether they would help or not. She was more concerned that I had been over-training and that might be why my ankles were hurting.

I usually am very suspicious of salespeople trying to sell me things I don't need-- not at Roadrunner Sports! I have been there a few times since I started this venture into running and have never felt pressured to buy anything. I almost had to sell her on the idea that the Superfeet might help. She finally suggested that I try them and if they don't work, to bring them back within 30 days.

Superfeet or Not?
So, the verdict is still out as to whether or not the Superfeet will help. Only time- and running- will tell. I just have to get out there and run again! I'm thinking it would be smart to take tomorrow off, too. Ugh! That will be three days of training missed. So, unless my ankles feel completely better when I wake up tomorrow, I'll be waiting to run. I think I'll use my Yoga DVD instead. I'm sure the stretching will help.

Advice, Anyone?
Has anyone else had ankle pain from running? This pain is mostly on the outside of my ankles. There is no bruising or swelling (which would suggest stress-fractures). I've been looking into ankle support options, such as Kinesio Tape and ankle wraps . Have you tried either of these options? If so, what do you think?


Stacey said...

I know how frustrating an injury can be..I have been there, several times. Never had problems with my ankles though...I do Love the Superfeet! I don't run without them. Good luck, hope your ankles feel better tomorrow!

Run Mommy said...

I have tried everything and unfortunatly the most success I had was with rest (and stretching). MIssing a few days will not damage your training - it might even help to give your body a few days to get strong. Some advice I got - try running in water. There is no impact but your fitness can be maintained. Good luck!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I've never had problems wiht my ankles but I seem to be perpetually injured.

I do have some generic insoles in my shoes - something cheap from walmart - and they seem to help in general

Overtraining is a possibility. I'm at a point now where I will not run more than 3 days a week. But that's just me...

Melanie said...

never had ankle issues, but i know the frustration of injuries. been there a lot. Never tried Superfeet, but had researched them a bit. I opted for orthotics instead. Hope you start feeling better soon!

MCM Mama said...

I had some ankle issues when I was training for the marathon. I just iced them really well after every run and stretched and eventually it went a way. I never did figure out what it was and it was never painful enough to feel like I needed to stop running.

Hope they feel better soon and the superfeet work for you!