Sunday, March 7, 2010

At a Loss for Words

Hi, Running Blogger Friends.

As I mentioned in my last post, it's been a tough week here in San Diego County.  I'm afraid it just got worse... today it was announced that the remains of Amber Dubois have been found.  Authorities aren't saying where the lead came from at this time... but somehow, they got information regarding where Amber's body could be found.  Dental records confirmed that the remains are Amber's.

I know I'll have more to say after this horrific news has had a chance to settle a bit.  But for now, please keep Amber's family, friends, and community in your prayers.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Young Life, Cut Short

I have been pretty quiet out here in BloggerLand lately.  I apologize for missing so many of your blogs posts... I really do enjoy reading about each of my Running Blogger Friends lives.

It's been a tough week for those of us in the San Diego and LA areas.  The disappearance of Chelsea King, the arrest of yet another out-of-prison sex offender, and the discovery of Chelsea's body has left many of us a bit shell-shocked. 

I know people all over the country are heart-broken by Chelsea's tragic death.  When it hits so close to home and with the disappearance of Amber Dubois still fresh in our hearts, this week has been an emotionally draining one.  I cannot even come close to understanding what the parents of these girls have been going through.  I don't ever want to know how someone deals with the loss of a child... especially in such a violent way.

Was the man arrested in the Chelsea King case the same man who is responsible for the disappearance of Amber Dubois?  For Amber's sake, I hope not.  Considering the fact that this monster had an address less than five miles away from where Amber went missing and the similarities of the victims, I can't help but think she and Chelsea met the same fate.  Again, I hope and pray this is not the case.  I do pray for closure for Amber's family, no matter what the truth may be.

I love Lake Hodges and the surrounding trails (where the gift of Chelsea was taken from the world) but I know I will never be able to run or hike in the area again without thinking of what happened to this beautiful girl.  Just as I can't run through my neighborhood without wondering where Amber is and looking for any sign of her.

There are wild California Poppies that grow around the Lake Hodges area.  They are dainty, yet strong.  They are beautiful, and free.  They seem to dance with the wind as it blows past their happy, orange petals.  I have learned that orange was Chelsea's favorite color so I like to think that she appreciated the simple beauty of these special wild flowers as she ran past them on her long runs out at the trails.  She reminds me of the California Poppy.  And the California Poppy will always remind me of her.  I know that sounds corny since I've never met her... but the link has been made in my mind and that's OK with me.

Rest in peace, Chelsea King.  You had your whole future ahead of you and it was a bright one.  I pray that the light you blessed others with will continue to shine.  I pray for justice.  I pray for change.  I pray for your loving, amazing family.  You will never be forgotten.